Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sick Days

This is a picture of a quilt I made a few years ago for my son Eric.

I love the blue pineapple print, so I used that for the backing.

I did not do the quilting myself.  Previously, I showed a picture of my son when he was younger wrapped in the first quilt I made.  He has been home sick for two days now, and even though he is a junior in high school, all I want to do is wrap him in a quilt and take care of him.

I was also going to show you the fabric that arrived yesterday to complete one of my coin quilts.  However, I have spent the last hour trying to find all my photos.  They seem to have disappeared from my computer.  Getting a new laptop as been on my list of things to do.  I guess once Eric is better, I will head to the Apple store.  Hopefully, my pictures will miraculously reappear.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. We've had our senior boy home for three days with the flu! Yuck...I want to hug him and comfort him (more for me than him! LOL), but I don't want to touch him! LOL I hate having the flu! I love the quilt and the pineapple print is way cool!

    Hope you find your pics soon! ps sending virtual chicken soup for you and your "baby"!

  2. The quilt will help him feel better in no time at all!

    I hope your son will chose a college driving distance from home so he will get this good care when he's older!

    Good luck finding your pictures. Are they still on your memory card? What do you use for organizing your photos? I've been using Aperture 2, but I'm about to give Lightroom a trial.

  3. Sons are never too old for a quilt and a hug! Hope he feels better soon...

  4. I agree with Anya, though better no one else see ;)