Thursday, November 19, 2009

More This and That

Do you remember when I blogged about winning three giveaways in one weekend?  I received one of those in the mail today.  Here are the green and blue strings blocks from Allison,

and the extra strips are shown here.  Thank you again Allison!!!

I am done (for now) with my Waverunner quilt top.  The more I work on it, the better I like it.  However, I really need to put it aside for now and work on other projects.  At the moment it is about 40 inches square.  I can't decide if I should stop now or add more blocks to make it bigger.  What do you think?  40 inches is too big for a wall quilt (at least in my house) not to mention the colors don't go with my decor.  In our house, it's all about lap quilts for snuggling and TV viewing.  What do you do with this size?  I also thought about adding a very wide border to make it bigger, but can't picture a fabric that would work.

I needed a break from the coin quilts, so I started piecing a pumpkin table runner.  I realize I missed Halloween, but I'm thinking it might work for Thanksgiving.  I got the idea here.  This project has made me realize I don't have a lot of orange fabric.  We are FSU Seminole fans here and tend to avoid that Gator orange;-))

And, last but not least, I am giving away prizes to the seven people who commented on yesterday's post. This giveaway is to celebrate my 50th post, Thanksgiving...which is only a week away... and to share my good fortune of being on the receiving end of giveaways lately.  Thelma, Mary, Dee, Susan, Cara, Marls and Penny look for an email from me today.  I need to revise my prize idea....I wasn't expecting seven commenters yesterday....Wonderful Wednesday usually only rates a couple ;-))  Also girls, hope you don't mind if I get your prizes to you the Monday after Thanksgiving....things are just a little crazy around here trying to prepare for that big day.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Woo Hoo!! I'm a winner! You're surprised you got 7 comments with those pictures! Silly girl!! The wave runner looks good. I think it would be a good size for a quilt for your dog. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I think you dog would look good laying across those colors. Sometimes the dogs in our lives deserve the best. I made a quilt for my dog, I need to blog about it!

  2. Your Wave Runner turned out beautiful! I need to get my top together. Love those string and pumpkin blocks too! I feel another distraction coming on!

  3. Your waverunner is looking great. How about the black for a wide border?

    The pumpkin block looks cute for a Thanksgiving table runner. Can you believe it is only a week until Thanksgiving?

  4. I 'bout feel outta my chair! LOL Not only did your "win" cup runneth over...but so does your heart and generous spirit! Rene', you're too sweet!

    I'm so going to steal the pumpkin idea from you! LOL For next year though. My snowflake is done and Santa doesn't, I'm helping him out this year!

    Have you thought about donating the Waverunner to a children's wing at a hospital? or the cancer treatment center? It has such happy colors and interesting lines that a patient could look at for hours and not be bored! Just a thought.

    Thanks again, dear. Hope today is as happy as you can stand it to be! LOL

  5. Sweet Lord you mean I won something? I don't win. EVER. I can honestly say in the last 10-15 years I have not won a single thing, in any contest. Weird. Happy though.

    For me 40" is too small to be a lap quilt, not big enough to snuggle under or share lol. But that is a cool looking quilt. Dee has a good idea about donating it, teenage girls would probably love it.
    I love pumpkins any time of year so I love the pumpkin block.

  6. It seems to me that I have seen some Kaffe Fasset prints with the same colors of your waverunner quilt, so what about adding a wild print border to it? OR maybe a solid border of the darkest fabric in the quilt...that would really make those colors pop!

    What a surprise to win a giveaway that I didn't even know I was entered in! Thanks again and keep the posts coming!

  7. Oh, now that you squared up the wave runner I love it! Very cool!

  8. How unexpected to be a winner-thank you so much Rene. I enjoy your visiting your blog and am jsust so lucky to have won.
    Love the string blocks you won-will look great when you are able to complete it.
    Thwe wave runner is looking good. I would either make it bigger (when you can deal with it again) or I do like the suggestion of donating it at this size to a worthy cause.

  9. Hi Rene, wow! I'm so excited about winning, thank-you!
    Definitely go for it with the wave runner and make it bigger!! It looks like a cuddle quilt to me!