Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Advise

Over the weekend I sewed strips together for three separate stacked coin quilts.  I also cut the strips into the segments needed for each quilt and played around with the layout.  I took pictures of each project and could use some advice

Above is a picture of Coin quilt #1 using Moda's Sorbet jelly rolls.  Even though I have seen various examples of these type of quilts, I have never made them myself.  I am following a pattern in Jelly Roll Quilts book by Pam and Nicky Lintott (Bars of Gold on page 10).   It seems to me that most of these quilts have white or neutral fabric for the sashing, although some do have darker sashing colors to accent the coins.

Above is a picture of Coin quilt #2 using jelly roll strips from Moda's Swanky.  My first question is (for each quilt) do you think I should use a neutral color for the sashing or another color to coordinate with the fabrics?

Above is a picture of Coin quilt #3 using a designer roll of Jenean Morrisson's Picnic Parade.  This is my favorite.  Unfortunately, I forgot that designer rolls typically have less strips than jelly rolls.  I have ordered another bundle (and some fat quarters for me!)

I took some close up pictures of the fabrics because I know the other pictures do not give a good idea of the fabrics.  (Plus, it seems I am always taking my pictures at night so I can include them in my post which means the lighting is artificial.)  This is the Sorbet fabric for the first quilt.

Here is the Swanky fabric used in the second quilt.  My second question is (for each quilt) what color/style binding and backing should I use? The last question I need answered is which quilt for which sister?  (Remember, I blogged here about making them for my sisters for Christmas.)

Here is the lovely Picnic Parade fabric.  To help YOU help ME decide which quilt for which sister, let me explain that Sister #1 is 44 years old, married with two kids, lives in south Georgia and loves the color green; Sister #2 is 28  years old, single, a free spirit that is close to her family; Sister #3 is 31 years old, single, also a free spirit (but just moved far away).  I realize this last question can probably only be answered by me....but it doesn't hurt to ask ;-)))

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. I think white would look wonderful as sashing for all three quilts. With striped bias binding matching some of the colors in the quilts. Maybe dots for backings...JMHO

  2. I can't give you any technical advice, but I can tell you that whichever quilt you give to the "Sisters" will be treasured by them.

  3. I love coin quilts! I'm not sure I'd use white for the swanky quilt. It doesn't look like there's any white in the fabric and I wonder if it would be too stark. I think white on the other two will make them pop!

    Looking forward to seeing them when finished!

  4. Humm it is always hard to judge from a photo. I think I would take a cream, white and tan maybe and fold it so it is about the width your shashing will be and place it in between them and look at it for a day or so and then make a decision.Maybe bind with your favorite fabric from the quilt, backing too. If I were your sister I wouldn't care which one I got they are all lovely. Fantastic fabrics.

  5. Black!!! I would go with black to make those lovely colors pop!! Do you think your sisters would like black?

  6. I love coin quilts with white and have seen them done with a neutral linen color. I think the white just makes those pretty prints POP OUT and get noticed even more. If the oldest sister loves green then pick the prints with the most green, bind it in green and give her that one. The other two...close your eyes and pick. :D