Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Came Early

Look what I found on my doorstep this weekend.  Lots of goodies from FedEx and USPS!!!

What could be inside??  I couldn't wait to open these boxes and packages, as I knew they came from wonderful places like Amazon, Hancock's of Paducah and!!!

Not only did I receive fun stuff in the mail, but I also made a visit to a favorite place...the Apple store!!!  My old laptop was acting quirky, and I knew it wouldn't last until Christmas.  When my photos suddenly disappeared, I decided I had justification for buying my own - and early - Christmas present.  I purchased a new Mac Book Pro.  I went down in size to the 15" which seems small compared to my 17".  I probably should have gone for the 13" but I like seeing my pictures on the "big screen"!!!!

In addition to the packages on my doorstep over the weekend, look what arrived from the longarm quilter Friday afternoon!!! The still unnamed batiks quilt I made for my stepfather who can only see blues and yellows.  The above picture is actually the back of the quilt.

Here is the front of the quilt.  Even after the creative name suggestions that some of you provided, I am still undecided.  The majority of you like the beach theme such as Sand and Sea.  I know this quilt does look beachy with the blues and yellows, but that is not what I'm feeling.  Our family used to do the beach vacations, but now we (including my parents) are all about Montana.  What about something along the lines of sunny blue skies and tie into Big Sky, Montana?  I ran the name suggestions by my "personal assistant"/10 year old daughter, my son, husband, sister, mother.  They weren't much help.  Again, Sand and Sea was popular as well as Horizon Met, but there was no consensus.  All that is left is deciding on a name so I can make and attach the label.  Don't know why I am so hung up on this name thing!

Here is a close up of the quilting.  I am really pleased with it.  Actually, I love it!!!  I took Michele's recommendation and shipped the quilt top, back, etc. to Eagle Mountain Quilting.  Thanks Michele for the great advice.  Wendy at EMQ is super nice and accommodating.  I basically left all the design/quilt decisions to her expertise.   Her selection of quilt designs was overwhelming.  I am not used to so many choices.  As a bonus, Wendy's turnaround time was quick, and her prices are reasonable.  I will definitely send my three coin/Sister quilts to her.

So what was in those boxes and packages you are wondering?  I think I will save that for a slow news probably tomorrow.  My weekend was spent, rather than sewing, transferring files to/from laptops, proctoring my son's practice SAT test and entertaining in-laws.  So I will need something to share.  I actually have lots to winning TWO giveaways over the weekend...drama at the LQS (well, that's a slight exaggeration)...excitement over the designers blog hop and Sew Mama Sew tutorials...thoughts about sharing my good fortune and having a giveaway of my own...the new Moments button....and, of course, the contents of those packages ;-)))

Have an amazing day!!!!
Edited to include:  Actually, I won THREE giveaways over the weekend!!!! Incredible!!!


  1. As if getting a new MBP isn't enough, getting a quilt back and all of the other boxes you got must have meant a FUN weekend! Hope transferring everything went smoothly!

  2. Lucky girl! Love the quilt, BTW...

  3. The quilt reminds me of the wheat fields on my girlhood farm in Nebraska. It's very beautiful!

    Getting goodies in the mail is fun!

  4. All those prizes AND a new Mac - how lucky can you get!

    The quilt looks wonderful - not much help with a name for you. I was trying to come up with something with the Blackfoot, but didn't think of anything witty.

  5. Congrats...I kept seeing your name as a winner this happy for you!

  6. How about simply Horizons? It conjures up both sea, sky, and all landscape images. Plus, that pattern has such simple and graphics lines, like the horizon itself.

  7. The quilt turned out beautifully! I like Cheryl's idea of naming it suits it well!

  8. Wow, don't you just love how quilting really brings a top to life! Lovely Job!

    I've been having trouble with my IBook, it's so old it wouldn't take the last software upgrade and my battery life is something like 10 minutes! I hate to get a new one, I just love my Apple, plus I don't look forward to going through what your are, all the transfers and adjustments.

    I could not think up a good name but do like the "Horizons" name that Cheryl suggested.