Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's Up Wednesday: I went shopping!

Darn you Santa and your practical side!  I put this on the top of my Christmas list and even got an up close and personal look at it when I dropped off my current machine for it's first ever since getting the machine for I don't remember how many Christmases ago service.

Well, my machine works good as new after that service, and Santa is right in saying that a new machine is not needed at this time.  I was a good girl and didn't pout (much)....after all, I know what I am asking for when my 50th birthday rolls around ;-)

I haven't named my sewing machines like many of you do, but decided it was about time I did.  So, let me introduce you to Nina!  She and I spent some quality time together yesterday sewing two quilt tops.

I didn't participate in Black Friday, but took advantage of a couple Cyber Monday sales.  As much as possible, I am buying handmade gifts from local and/or small businesses.  I ordered this amazing stocking from my friend Shelly!  I have admired her boot patterns for a while now, and when I saw she had a boot stocking in her shop already made, I jumped on it!  I have seen Shelly at work, so I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was totally blown away at the quality of her workmanship on this stocking!  The stitching  is incredible as well as the attention to detail!!!!  Thanks so much Shelly....this boot stocking is destined for Montana ;-)

My daughter and I did some antiquing and found some great bargains.  How cool is this sewing machine pencil sharpener and tiny iron?!!!

I was so excited to find this typewriter, and it actually works!  Now, I don't know if replacement ribbons can be found or not, but my daughter (who wants to be an author) can be found banging away on it at odd times throughout the day (when she should be doing her homework).

I am still waiting for some of my handmade purchases to arrive, and there are other gifts that still need to be ordered.  Does anyone have suggestions for some great handmade gifts to be found online?  There are some blank spots on my gift list.


  1. I have that same sewing machine pencil sharpener!

  2. What a beautiful name for your machine,-)

  3. Yes I too have that sewing machine sharpener! I've had it since I was a child, not sure where from. That old typewriter is a beauty!

  4. my dad had a stationary store and i grew up 'playing' with those typewriters. they were old even then. i haven't seen one in about ...hmmm... 1,000 years now.

    is there a way to subscribe to your newsletter on atom feed? i know it's possible to subscribe to comments on atom.

  5. That pencil sharpener is so cool! I've never seen one before. I have plans to do a lot more antiquing next year. We have some awesome spots to do that very thing. I'm so glad you like the stocking, too. And what a fitting home for it -- Montana!

  6. I love Shelly's boot stocking pattern. I did not know she already had one made. I would have jumped on that, too. I haven't named my machine either until just in the past few weeks. LOL. It just sort of hit me what the name should be.