Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Houston Bound!!!!

Well.....I'M NOT....but several of my Priority: Alzheimer's quilts (along with 1,496 others) ARE!!!!!

You Tube video

If I WERE going to Houston, I'd make sure I visited the AAQI booth located in Row T of the Exhibit Hall and see if some of my favorite quilts (#6307#6901, #7183, #7519, #7748,#7783#7786 just to  name a few) were on display at the time.  From what I understand, the 1,500 quilts are continuously being rotated and replaced as quilts are sold and to keep the display interesting ;-)  If I were going, I'd also make sure I had my checkbook/credit card with me!!!
#I-0367 Last of the Garden by Mary Sorensen
If you are like me and AREN'T going to Houston, don't despair:  there is always next year! the November AAQI online auction is underway now until the 10th!  

If you ARE going to Houston, have an AWESOME time!!!  
I live vicariously through you ;-)


  1. Wow...$305!!!! Way to go :) So glad you shared the link...I missed seeing some of your mini quilts. They are awesome!!!

  2. How fun! Wish you could visit them in Houston!

  3. Ooh, how exciting to see your quilts being auctioned off! Your garden one is lovely! :)