Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Strips and even more strips

My sister first told me about the 1600 quilt.  She has made two already, that overachiever!   Since then, I have seen one pop up at the Bloggers' Quilt Festival and two more (here and here) at blogs I regularly follow.

Apparently, these are quite fun to make with a group of sew friends while racing to see who finishes first (or work on your personal best time to use racing terms...haha).  If you are unfamiliar with these fast, fun and jelly-roll friendly quilts, watch this video.

Here's my version made with a Mango Margarita bali pop.  How can you go wrong with such luscious colors?!  I have a large leftover piece of orange batik that is already pieced for the backing.

Now to baste, quilt and ship!


  1. Wasn't it fun???? I love the Mango Margarita, and it looks great. Make sure to send me a picture once you get it quilted so I can copy, uh, be inspired by, your work ;-)

  2. The Music City Modern Quilters Guild just did our race this past Saturday--and it WAS a blast! Glad you're enjoying it, too! :-)

  3. It's fab-YOU-lus. I like the colors. Fast and easy Christmas gift idea.

  4. These look so fun to make! It is funny your post is about the same time a nearby quilt shop posted about a retreat they had and showed some of these quilts that were made at their retreat.

  5. I just saw this video and was thinking of emailing you to suggest we do it at one of our guild's sew-in days. It would be so much fun!!