Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Photos

It's that time of year when families are gathering and mothers are taking advantage of the togetherness to get that all important group Christmas card photo.

Got Pink?, Horizons and Pina Colada quilts that now live in Mississippi
Maybe it's all those years of the kids complaining and rolling their eyes when I pull the camera out, or maybe it's because the quilts don't talk back, but whatever the reason, instead of taking pictures of family members I haven't seen in a while, I took pictures of quilts I haven't seen in a while!

SuperStar quilt now living in a college dorm room.
My son even let me borrow his dorm quilt for a good washing, even though he was quite nervous that I would not give it back somehow mess it up.  

The back of SuperStar...sideways.
I will say it was nice to visit with this quilt and cuddle up with it on the drive back.....oh, it was nice to visit with my son too, of course!

 I was happy to get some pictures of this quilt outside.  As is the case with family photos, I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted.  Everyone is always in a hurry to be done. 

Batik quilt for my mom made by my sister last Christmas.
My sister and her family were unable to join us for Thanksgiving (probably because she didn't want to be in my pictures!), but I visited with the quilt she made for my mom last Christmas!  Isn't it beautiful?!  I think this was one of about ten quilts she made last year, and she is cranking out a dozen more this year.  That overachiever....making me look bad ;-)!!!!!

All joking aside, I did take the obligatory family photo for the Christmas card, but I was told not to publish that picture here.  Max is the only one who doesn't mind having his face plastered on my blog!  For the family picture, we were dressed in white shirts and denim jeans.  Max is also dressed in white and denim, sporting a brand new denim bandana made by his mom!


  1. Hey--why not a Christmas card of your creations for the year--love that idea! Looks like the family were good sports...

  2. What a fun idea! Max looks awesome!

  3. What a great spin on the family photo! lol Glad you did get one of your family, too. The picture of little Max is just adorable. :o)

  4. great posting Rene'! Love seeing all of your family and their quilts!

  5. I trust your children/quilts are being well looked after. Max is a cutie. he looks adorable!