Monday, October 17, 2011

This that and the other

I managed to survive jury duty, my every other year annual mammogram, and all the other craziness that was thrown my way last week.  I even found time to sit at my sewing machine and squeeze in a family reunion!

Jury duty was interesting to say the least, but I have officially served and am hoping my average of 25 years in between summons holds!

Continuing with my 31 Days of Pink, I treated myself to a pedicure and pink painted toenails after my mammogram.

The latest addition to my pink ribbon collection is this cool glass trivet from Around the Block Designs.  Thanks Cindy and Mark!  (Michelle, I'll put yours in the mail tomorrow.)

I finally finished piecing this quilt top that is WAY overdue.  Completion didn't happen before graduation, but my niece's birthday is rapidly approaching, and I am determined the quilt will be finished by then.

Another quilt top was quickly made for a needed last minute gift.  I found a big print in my stash and added a wide border to finish at a decent size.

 Sure hope to find the time I need this week to quilt these two tops!

Last but not least, was the quick trip to my annual family reunion in Mississippi!  As one cousin posted on Facebook, our reunion lunch was attended by 73 people from the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Florida and North Carolina!

Michelle and I now have joint custody of our great-grandmother's wooden quilting frame which was recently discovered in a cousin's attic.  Since I traveled by plane, my sister (and her family) took possession, and I am sure enjoyed having the extra "passenger" on the long drive back to Georgia!

Anyone know how to operate one of these quilting frames?!  If so, please tell.

Have an amazing day!


  1. For info on your "new" quilt frame go here:

    Now you just need to find time to hand quilt!

  2. What a great weekend we had!!!! I'm already looking forward to next year's reunion. But, in the mean time, I think we will be quite busy working on figuring out MawMaw Moore's quilting frame. Can't wait to get the trivet (yes, I totally spoil me)!!

  3. quilting frame - how cool is that! now you just need to find a space to have it set up with a WIP on it! maybe we can have an old-fashioned quilting bee!

  4. How neat! I love that you guys got that frame. Love your pink toes!