Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving right along...

Two quilt backs quilt basted....four buttons sewn....two cabinets assembled...

Whew!  Even Max is exhausted!

Hoping to get this one quilted today.

Here's the back.

My husband has been patiently waiting many, many months several weeks for me to sew missing or broken buttons on four of his dress shirts.  He was very appreciative....I guess I better get on that belt loop he needs fixed ;-)

These tools are getting quite a work out!

After three visits, IKEA finally had my daughter's cabinets in stock.

Ta da!  All assembled and ready to be filled with junk school supplies.

Now to get back to "moving right along..."
Have an amazing day!!! 


  1. Ah, IKEA tool box, I have one of those too. A bit worn but still good.
    I love the circle fabric; circle quilts have such a strong visual impact, and this has such soft and lovely tones.
    You have been quite busy!

  2. You have been busy!! Cute desk. Wow, I wish we had an IKEA close by.

  3. Yay, great finishes! Love that snuggly picture of Max, crashed on a quilt.

  4. Max looks so comfy :) He is such a sweetie!! I love your are you going to quilt it?

  5. I think Max has the right idea. Was he a good overseer? He didn't make you undo anything?

  6. You have been very productive this past week. Good for you. I can tell that Max was a big help. I love your circle fabric. It looks so warm and cozy.