Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Notice anything different?  I've moved my Friends front and center just like Annie did!

So happy to have this basted and ready to be quilted!


Are you ready for the upcoming Bloggers' Quilt Festival?!  Know which quilt you are going to show?  I was hoping to have my Liberated Coin quilt finished in time, but that's not happening.

Blogsy icon
To those of you who use an iPad app for blogging, which one do use and would you recommend it?
I have been using BlogPress as it is easy to use and has worked fine until recently.  This last four hour road trip was spent rather than quickly typing up my blog post, but trying to figure out why BlogPress kept quitting on me, giving up on BlogPress, researching other apps, trying the Blogger app (too limited), before finally installing Blogsy (rather complicated) and publishing my post minutes before the midnight deadline.  Of course, riding in the car is probably not the most conducive atmosphere for learning something new with a deadline ;-)

So...what's up with you this Wednesday?
Have an amazing day!!

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  1. I would love to be sewing but I'm working instead. That's why Wednesday is not my favorite day. If I post anything in Blogger's Quilt Festival, it will have to be a quilt top only. Is that even allowed? Such a pretty picture on top. I love those bright colors against the grey!