Monday, October 24, 2011

Go Bags

It's gotten to the point that with all the traveling I am doing I have several "go bags" always packed and ready for the specific occasion!  

For example, this past weekend saw another road trip to Tallahassee which meant bringing out the packed and waiting tailgating go bag...

 my things-to-do-while-riding-in-the-car go bag.... happies-for-son go bag....just to name a few. 

.....even Max has a go bag! (Although his go bag takes him to the puppy hotel.)

 You'll notice none of these go bags are hand made by me.  That's because as my sister and I like to point out, "we can't sew"!
Every once in a while, I will forget that fact.

Sorry for these's all I have...the shirt in question is in the wash!
I needed a pink FSU for last weekend's game (it's still October which means I'm still wearing pink), so came up with the brilliant idea to make my own.  How hard could it be?  I had a stash of my favorite t-shirts (yes, I also have a stash of t-shirts) in pink that I bought on clearance for $1!

I was so proud of myself (it doesn't take much....ha) for making and cutting out my own templates.

This Fight Like a Girl fabric in black is the perfect fabric for my FSU letters and in keeping with the Think Pink theme, I thought.  Instead of using a satin stitch around each letter, I just stitched using bright pink thread inside the edge of the letters like I had seen on a store bought shirt.

Things were going along pretty well, until I tried to appliqué the pink ribbon on the t-shirt sleeve.  What a mess!  That's why I had to keep my jean jacket on the entire day ;-)

Now back to quilting!
Have an amazing day! 


  1. You make a darling family and I love your 'sewing' of the pink t's letters. How fun and cool that you all travel and support your son and his school!!! Your cowgirl bag, store bought or not, is darling and perfect for you. Did you wear your cute cowgirl boots?

  2. I love the cowgirl bag. I have several cowgirl bags. They're all variously equipped with things to do, too. I can't go anywhere without a go bag, or I'd come back home bald and with no fingernails!

  3. I am so proud of you. I knew that you could sew! Your t-shirt looks great on you.

  4. i love the picture of you with the camera! And the t-shirt. And the fabric for the letters (that's a great selvage--hehe)!