Monday, October 11, 2010

Think Pink Giveaway

A week or so ago, my one year blogiversary quietly occurred.  It went virtually unnoticed as life demanded my attention.  Now it's time to remedy that.  So, I present my blogiversary post.

I really didn't know what to expect when I started this blog.    I was intrigued when I discovered quilt blogs and decided I wanted one too ;-)  Who would have expected, certainly not me, that 242 blog posts, 42 Sew and Tell Fridays, 2 Bloggers Quilt Festivals and 101 Followers (thank you!) later,  what quilting experiences I would discover?!  In the past twelve months, I became part of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, attended my first ever quilt retreat, participated in quilt alongs and quilt challenges,  and met many, many fabulous bloggy friends.  Of course, I've also spent more time on Flickr than is healthy, killed too many trees printing pages and pages of tutorials, and kept several online fabric stores in business ;-)

I still remember my first post (got a kick out of rereading that) and the first people (Sherri, Thelma and katquilter) who commented on my blog.  I still get a thrill when I receive an email notification that someone has left a comment on my blog.  I hope that excitement never fades.  Thank all of you so much!  You inspire me!  I have learned so much and still have so much more to learn.  I am excited to see what the next year will bring!

Now for the giveaway part of this post.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Both my mother and my paternal grandmother are breast cancer survivors!  I wear pink every day during October.  It's just my thing.  I know it won't cure breast cancer or raise any money, but it's what I do.

I am giving away this Amy Butler pattern, 2 yards of Windham Fabrics Pink Ribbons by Rosemarie Lavin and 1/2 yard of coordinating pink heart fabric.

I am also giving away this mini Think Pink quilt which I made using Mrs. Moen's Nothing to Wear pattern.  The middle dress fabric and the backing is the same as the giveaway fabric.  The other dresses and binding are The Pink Ribbon Signature Collection by Karen Neuburger for Quilting Treasures which I've had in my stash for years.

I finished hand sewing the binding on after dark so this picture is off and the other pictures show an incomplete mini.  I tried the FMQ techniques learned from Juanita's workshop to quilt encouraging sentiments in pink thread.  I also quilted hearts, "love" here and there, and my signature in white thread.

I used the Pink Ribbon fabric for the backing, but I didn't sew it on until after the FMQ...

 otherwise the back would have looked like the above picture ;-)

If you'd like to win the pattern, fabric and mini quilt, please leave me a comment telling me something about yourself...such as what do you like to do when you aren't quilting? long have you been blogging? you think wearing pink 31 days in a row is insane?  Make sure your email address is set to show on your profile or you include it in your comment.

Additionally I am giving away this pair of Tula Pink Plume tennis shoes.  Just so you know, they are new and were only worn once.  That was when I tried them on and realized I had ordered the wrong size.  I loved them so much, and I ordered another pair...this time paying more attention to the size chart!  If you would like these, leave me a comment with your shoe size.  I will send them to the person with the matching size....random number generator if more than one.

This giveaway will stay open until Sunday, October 17th.

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Congrats! And wow, you are very generous! I started blogging so that I wouldn't annoy my friends with too much quilting talk.

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! It takes a lot to keep it going.
    I started my blog to try and reach out to others online, since I was not so good at it in r/l especially with the quilting community in my area not being so open to younger people.
    I'm a size 8.5-9!
    My mom lost her best friend to breast cancer when I was in high school so I totally don't think you're insane for wearing pink all month.

  3. When I first created my blog, I had NO idea what I was making it for. It was even before I made my first real quilt (I had only done blankets up until that point). The first couple of posts are so painful, I even considered deleting them, until I realized it may be fun to look back onto later (as you stated yours was!)

  4. What a great giveaway, and inspiring story!! I would love to wear pink, but unfortunately, that doesn't really mesh well with my Air Force uniform ;) My mother-in-law is a Breast Cancer survivor, and my maternal grandmother passed away from it when my mother was only 17.

    About me: Active Duty in the USAF, mother of an amazing 4 month-old son, and wife to an AWESOME stay-at-home Dad. When I'm not mothering, schooling, or working, I'm blogging or quilting!! Not much time left in the day for anything else ;0)

    Thanks again for this great giveaway!! I can almost guarantee those shoes won't fit, as I wear a size 10 1/2!!!

  5. Wow! I can't believe all that has happened with you on you blog in only a year! Congratulations!

    A fun giveaway :) I've been blogging with my sister for a little over a year's fun to be in this much inspiration!!

  6. What a great post and a lovely giveaway. Many congratulations on your blogiversary. I started blogging to join in a Bloggers' Quilt Festival and haven't looked back. Yes, it does take up a bit of time but I love it. I've met up with fellow bloggers and made some great online friends. I've been supported and inspired. Your giveaway is awesome. My sister has survived breast cancer and I love the idea of wearing something pink throughout October, not crazy at all. Anything that raises awareness is to be admired. Those cute shoes...I'm a size 5 UK.

  7. What a wonderful little quilt. That would be lovely in the treatment room of a hospital where they are treating for breast cancer.

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. I love seeing the milestones everyone reaches on their blogs.

    I read alot of blogs but neglect mine alot.

    About Me: Mum of 3, wife, sewer, stamper and reader. I can often be found hiding in some little nook with a blanket and a good book if I'm not in front of the sewing machine or at my stamping table.

    I think there is nothing wrong with wearing pink for 31 days straight. I think you should put up a paypal link on your blog and seek donations, post pic's everyday of your different pink outfits etc and people can donate so you can give to breast cancer fund. Even if it was only $1 each every bit helps.

    I applaud what you do in October. Raising awareness is fantastic.

  8. Congratulations of your first anniversary! You have a great blog and I love reading it. When i am not sewing I am thinking up ways to get out of doing the housework so I can sew instead. Honestly I don't devote that much time to thinking up ways to get out of cleaning. I really enjoy doing the washing (the machine loves working) especially hanging it out on the line. probably because I do this by myself and its quite peaceful in the morning being the only one around. However I so loathe the whole dusting, bathroom and vacumming stuff. Anyway its time to take my son to bed and read him a couple of stories. I only read two stories, my husband gets conned into 3 or 4. Just love this time though. Oh yeah and he lves sleeping under his quilts.

  9. Congrats on your 1st blog-o-versary ~ may there many more to follow!
    Wow...the little quilt is beautiful, well done!
    And those Tula Pink shoes are just gorgeous...they don't look that big so maybe they could fit on my size 6 to 6 1/2 (US, women) feet? :) {I had to look up the US sizes...and it seems I'm right in between...}

    Now to your questions: If I'm not quilting I'm probably dreaming about my next quilt (seriously, last night I couldn't sleep so I imagined what to do with the fabric I ordered recently...and the fabric I haven't ordered and probably won't ever *lol*). If not, you'll find me working...*sigh* but if there's some spare time left I love to read. I'm a passionate reader...and no, not only quilting books!
    I've been blogging for since Jan 2008 but had a made a big break last year so I have yet to reach my 200-post mark yet...I love blogging because I've met so many lovely like-minded 'friends' all over the world I wouldn't have 'met' otherwise...I've even found a real-life friend with whom I've met once and talking on the phone much more's just great and I wouldn't miss this!
    I think to wear pink in the month of October is a beautiful way to remember and a way to maybe even spread the awareness... I've lost my grandmother to cancer & lost a childhood friend due to leukemia...I think I should stock up on pink clothes, too...until now my pink scarf will have to do...I'll keep it in mind to wear it more often...thanks for sharing this about yourself!

  10. Happy blogiversary Rene'. I think wearing pink all October is very sweet. Look at you go with the free motion quilting! I started blogging to enter a blog giveaway.

  11. Happy Bloggoversary. What a generous giveaway! I just went back to look at my first blog... and realized I missed my 1 year bloggoversary. Although in saying this, I didn't post again until January 2010, so I'm going to count that date instead.

    I started blogging because I used to sit for hours blog hopping other people's sites, so wanted to have a go at one too.

    I love reading your blog. No wearing pink 31 days straight is not insane. Especially as it has special meaning for you. My DD would wear pink everyday if I let her... so the days she's not wearing pink, she's wearing purple :-)

    When I'm not sewing or quilting, I'm usually running around after my kids or trying to keep the house semi-tidy.

    I love the tennis shoes, but doubt they'd fit me. I check a conversion site and an aussie 9 is a 10.5 US.

  12. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Rene'! What a milestone, and it is really amazing all the things that you have accomplished in one year. The internet is really amazing, isn't it! I think you're great to wear pink everyday in October - you must have a huge pink wardrobe! I couldn't do it - unless you count pink socks and underwear! But you're not the only one - I just bought sliced mushrooms at the grocery store and they came on a pink-ribbon-plastic-wrapped tray! P.S. Size 8!

  13. Rene', you have a fabulous blog and an amazing start for a first year. My mother is a breast cancer survivor...Stage 3b when diagnosed and its not 8 years later, so put my name in your Think Pink drawing.

    The chances of your shoes being US womens 5.5 are slim but hey, you can't try by not saying! I could stuff the toes if they are 6's ;)

  14. Congratulations on your blogiversary! It's been so much fun getting to know you in cyberspace, Rene'! I've been blogging for almost 2 1/2 years and love the connections that I've made with other quilters. When I'm not quilting, I'm usually reading or spending time outdoors and nowadays I spend a lot of time planning on how to get my son home from college as often as possible! I'm afraid to say that I haven't perfected that yet.
    No, wearing pink for 31 days is not's just being passionate about something that is important to you.
    Thanks for the chance for the generous giveaway and keep on quilting!
    BTW...I wear size 7 - 7 1/2....

  15. Happy anniversary, Rene'! My father is also a breast cancer survivor, so I'm getting everything sqeezed and probed every other year thank you very much. Hmmm, something you don't already know about me. Well, I love visiting your blog and would have to do laundry every day if I should wear pink every day. I do however wear pink ribbons all year round.
    Love your pink little dresses.-)

  16. Congrats on your bloggerversary!! Now you have 102 followers;) It was only this summer that I discovered how to follow quilt bloggers and I am amazed and awed by the talent, creativity and inpiration... which happens on a daily basis. Thanks for your generosity with this giveaway - I love everything!! My shoe size is 7.5 (but consider a size 9.5 or 10 for my daughter she would love these shoes!!)

  17. Congrats on the blogerversary. Your pictures were great. I take a size 7.

  18. 3 cheers for the first blogiversary!
    I started blogging at some point last October and I think it's the only thing that has stayed consistent in my life! It's been a real treat to learn, ooh & ah, and drool over other people's creativity. My job is pretty much brain-centered so I find quilting a physical manifestation of creativity necessary for my health and well-being. Say, do you think that will fly at the bankruptcy hearing?? JK! Oh, and my puppies are a size 11. Somehow I doubt you accidentally ordered that size, but a girl can dream!!

  19. Thanks for hosting a giveaway promoting breast cancer awareness. I am a survivor and if only 1 person gets their mammogram it is worth it. Thank you!!!

  20. I love reading your posts, and I'm not just saying that! Happy blogiversary! When I'm not quilting, I'm being a full-time education/history student at a state college. :) or, I'm reading quilting blogs... or catching up on Modern Family and Weeds (and yes, I hang out with my friends too!)

  21. shoes szie 8! love the fabric for the purse, too! KEEP up the good works and WORDS! Blogging makes the world a happier place

  22. Happy Blogiversary friend! I enjoy reading your postings and keeping up on your projects!

  23. That would make a sweet bag...and your mini quilt is gorgeous!

    I know those are too small for me and my size 8 feet, but LOVE them!

    Congrats on your blogiversary. Glad you joined blogland and glad we got to meet!

  24. I think wearing pink in October is a great way to show your support for cancer survivors. Family love and support is the best medicine! Love you!

  25. antoinemarta@yahoo.comOctober 11, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    Hi, Congratulations!! on your anniversary.
    Im a newbie blogger. I have been reading alot of blogs and I think you are all amazing . Sorry to say I work in a medical office when Im not quilting or mainly sewing childrens clothing (Like I tell my husband I need to make money to keep buying more fabric). Those are really cute shoes. I will love to have them. I wear a size 7 or 7 1/2.
    Congratulations again,

  26. Thank you for the great giveaway! I totally support BC awareness and getting mammo's! When not sewing, I guess I am fiddling on the computer! :-o LOL Or crocheting. ;-)
    Have a happy day!

  27. Congrats on 100!! Heres to 99999999999999 more posts.. Pink 31 days in a row? NOTHING wrong with that. When not quilting, I'm either eating, sleeping, working or reading blogs.. Oh and if they're my size, I wear a men's 15 extra wide... :)

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. (Didn't how to edit my previous post - sorry!)

    Congratulations on your bloggiversary! I love that you're celebrating with a tone of support!

    I don't think that wearing pink 31 days in a row is too much at all! (And I am NOT a pink girl.) My sister was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer in July. She had a double mastectomy two weeks later, started chemo four weeks ago and shaved her head last weekend because her hair was coming out in clumps. She is one hot bald chick and the picture of strength and optimism! We (with family and an army of supporters) did the Phoenix Walk for a Cure yesterday. It was AMAZING! (We walked in honor of our cousin and paternal grandfather, too - both breast cancer survivors.)

    Not sure about the shoes, but I'm generally a size six. :)

  30. Congrats on your Anniversary! And I love pink!
    When I'm not quilting I like to play with my puppies :)
    Thanks for the chance!!!!

  31. First of all...Congratulations on your one year Blogiversary! Isn't the blogging world a fun place to escape to!!

    I love that you wear pink every day in is the little reminders about big things that are important in my mind, so whenever anyone is wearing pink in October it makes you think, which can be the start for some great things. (Donations, a prayer, and hopefully someday the cure!!)

    For my free time: I love to quilt, but I also LOVE weddings, so in my "spare time" I work a second job doing wedding coordinating. I also try to spend a few minutes with my hubby or catch up on the tv shows on my DVR! (Sorta ashamed of that one, I am such a sucker for tv drama!!) Really my spare time is spent different all the time, depending on my watching, guitar playing, reading, daydreaming, re-purposing something, cleaning, singing, baking, (singing-while-baking), browsing the blogosphere, talking to my mom, dancing (to my husband's horror-if he is home he begs me to stop!!), etc...I pretty much like doing anything/everything!!

    For the shoes...which are AWESOME by the way, I wear a 7 1/2-8 depending on the brand...I can sometimes get away with an 8 1/2, just depends on how thick my socks are!!

  32. Happy Blogiversary! I have had 3 friends this year alone that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. All three are younger than me. It breaks my heart and makes me angry all at once.

    While not quilting/sewing/blogging/bloghopping I am entertaining kids, paying bills or cleaning the house. In the evenings I like to read but only have brainpower left for fluff books.

    I LOVE those shoes. I've been eyeing them for a while. I wear between 7 and 7 1/2.

  33. Happy Blogging! Thank you so much for the opportunity, you are so generous. Something about me? Hmmm...I'm a mom, I cross stitch, I quilt. When I'm not at my day job. Hey, I'm Canadian! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I think wearing pink 31 days is great, do you wear a pink costume on halloween?
    Oh and I'm a size 8...I feel a little like cinderella at the moment, don't burst my bubble and tell me the shoe doesn't fit!
    Have a great one, Vivian, from the Yukon! ( - just in case my email addy isn't in my profile..I'm pretty sure but why chance it)

  34. My feet fit size 6 shoes, sometimes size 5.5, or 35-36 if you're feeling European.

    I just looked up when I started blogging--and hey! My blogiversary is this month! October 29! I started the blog as a way to document my creations and also put them in context with the women of my family. When my mother was my age, she sewed a lot more. I feel like I'm picking up where she left off. I never met my mother's mother. She died before I was born, but she left crocheted afghans and lace thread. I can't help but think I'm picking up where she left off, too. Just recently my aunt brought me some quilt blocks my grandmother had made, once again tying our family together... And since my blog is out there, my family can see what I'm doing and hear the stories as I learn them!

  35. Happy Blogoversary!! By day I'm a CPA who dreams of a life of craftiness! I'll get there. I also run and I've managed to eek out two half marathons this year and I'm training for another in January 2011. Next weekend is my first ever triathlon so we'll see how that goes.

    I love the idea of pink for 31 days. Way to go!

  36. Happy Happy Belated Blogoversary! I was so thrilled when I won your 100th post friendship quilt. I don't expect that lightning will strike again, but I just wanted to say congratulations. I've so enjoyed reading - and admiring! I'm an early retiree who moved with my husband to the west to raise small cattle as a hobby that's slowly growing into a business. Just started working a few days a month at the LQS where I can now spend what I make on fabric without guilt! Woo hoo! Those shoes are outrageously great - I'm a size 8! And pink for 31 days is a most honorable thing to do - I think it's great!

  37. Happy blogoversary. I think that wearing pink everyday is a great way to raise awareness. I lost my mom after her 2nd battle with breast cancer and I do the same thing. Thanks for the great giveaway! And the shoes, I wear a size 8 if that's the magic number.

  38. Congratulations on your blogaversary! I love pink but I don't think I could wear it for 31 consecutive days!
    When I'm not quilting I'm learning to crochet!
    I love the shoes but are they big enough for me??? I'm a size 7/41

  39. Wow congratulations on your awesome achievement.......Wearing pink all month is a fantastic idea. You sure must have an awful lot of pink things to wear....I love to wear pink tooooooo. Love those shoes and my size is 7.5 - Australian size which I think is 37 or 38...May you have many more I do enjoy reading your blog.

  40. p.s. Lovely shoes! My shoe size is 7.5.

  41. Hip hip hooray for you! Congrats on your 1st blogaversary! If I am not sewing, I am knitting, reading, cooking/baking/canning or working in my garden.
    I think to wear pink no matter how many days in a row is wonderful. Raise awareness!
    Thanks for the wonderful and generous giveaway.
    I love the shoes - I wear a 9 1/2!

  42. What a lovely and generous giveaway. I have wanted to make a purse, this one would be perfect. Hmmm, what I do when not quilting? I actually am an artist-country primitive style. Check out my blog and there are some pictures. I started quilting 15+/-yrs ago but never got really into it until this last year. Now I can't seem to get enough!
    Oh and I love, love, love those shoes-hope they are a size 8.

  43. Congratulations & thanks for the chance!
    I wanted to start a blog about food and crafts but since i didn't have a camera to take photos of what i make I postponed the "actual writing" but somehow now my blog has become a giveaway blog!
    but the initial plan is still there and Hope to implement as soon as possible :D
    thanks for the chance!

  44. Hi Rene!
    Congratulations on your 1 Year Anniversary! I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. Even though our quilting tastes are different, I always enjoy stopping by to see what you and your modern quilters guild members are up to. Best wishes for another great year.

    When I'm not in my sewing room I'm trying to make up for all that time I've been sitting in my sewing room, by walking the dog, riding my bike or running.

    "I wear a size 6, but a size 6 1/2 feels so good I wear a 7".....don't you just love that line from Steel Magnolias? I'm a 7 1/2, and just love those shoes.

    Only a couple of months left on my cupcake calendar, what will I do without it?

  45. Congrats on your blogiversary! I discovered blogs this year. There is so much wonderful information and sharing out in blogland. I haven't taken the plunge to write a blog of my own yet because I don't know how I would find the time. When I'm not quilting or on the computer reading quilting blogs, I love to garden. I don't think it's crazy to wear pink every day in October. Maybe you will inspire someone to think about breast cancer and get a mammogram or make a donation. My friend recently had a masectomy and will be starting her treatment soon. If I win your giveaway, I'll be sharing it with her. In the unlikely event that you ordered my shoe size, it is 11!

  46. How wonderful that you were pink all month. What a tribute to your mom and grandmother! Thank you for posting about breast cancer awareness!
    Underneath my dog who is laying dead weight on my feet, out like a light, are my feet which are size 6 1/2 to 7.
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  47. Congratulations on the blogiversary~ I say any reason to celebrate is a good one! In my mind I always have something quilty going on, or else I'm thinking about the next knitting project I'd like to tackle. But in reality I take care of our 3 young children, so the crafty things don't get to have as much priority. A friend of mine suggested I should start a blog, but I haven't yet-- I have too much fun looking at everyone else's!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway-- here's hoping! Oh, and my shoe size is 9.... and I love shoes!

  48. I think it is fabulous to wear pink every day. I would wear it all year if I had enough pink clothing, but then I just really like pink.

    So maybe my shoe size IS my interesting thing about me. I am one of those lucky people whose feet grow in length every time I have a baby. I was always a size 8.5- from sixth grade to age 23 when I became pregnant with my first daughter. Four babies later, and four new shoe wardrobes later (to accomodate the 1/2 size I added with each baby) I now wear a size ten. I'm pretty sure nobody accidentally orders a size ten, but that would totally make my day. Maybe I should just order some for myself...

    Happy blogiversary, and thanks for a fun giveaway.

  49. hi!

    When I'm not quilting I am taking care of an 8 year old, 2.5 year old and a newborn (12 weeks)..all boys. So I wear all the pink I can otherwise I get swallowed up in all the blue, green and browns! I am working on getting a blog started but haven't gotten there quite yet. Hope you are enjoying your blogiversary and thank you for the fun giveaways!