Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glorious Day

The weather here has been glorious!  Can you believe, it actually feels like fall?!  The mornings and evenings have been cool, there is a slight breeze in the air, and the daytime highs haven't soared above 85 degrees!

I took advantage of the nice weather and snapped a few quilt pictures outside.  These four quilts are waiting their turn to be quilted.  Two of them are in various stages of quilting; the other two need to be basted first.

This wheelchair quilt is destined for charity, and three blocks still require additional quilting.

I am so in love with my retreat quilt, but since it is for me, it goes to the back of the line.  One of these days it will be quilted...probably AFTER Christmas!

The quilt on the right is for my daughter, and I'm about halfway done with the quilting.  She keeps asking me when it will be finished.  The quilt on the top is destined for Basics once it gets basted and quilted...soon, I hope.

Now, it's back inside to finish this ugly fabric project for tomorrow's guild meeting.

Is the weather glorious where you are?

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Right now it's 45 degrees, with a high of 63 predicted... The skies are grey, but it's supposed to be mostly sunny...(I'll believe it when I see it!) :D But looking out my window, I love seeing the leaves on the maple tree turning yellow, providing some sunny color for fall!

  2. Cold!!!!!!! You need uglier ugly fabric. Those are pretty cute from what I can see!



  3. Rene, they are all wonderful quilt tops. I reckon the 'retreat quilt' would be a great Christmas time quilt. We are slowly moving into spring. That is some days are springish and others are not. Today it is not and I have to take 5yo son to swimming lessons in an outdoor pool. Me thinks bribery will be required. A sausage roll should work (I hope).