Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Giveaway Winner

The Random Number Generator finally had a chance to do its thing.  I wanted to respond to all the comments before I posted the winners, and since I had internet issues it took a little longer than expected.  Thank you for all the well wishes regarding my one year blogiversary!  I enjoyed reading every comment and getting to know you each a little better.

I can never get the True Random Number Generator to appear properly, but the after taking away two duplicates, and entering 46 comments, the Result was 2.

Cara of CaraQuilts is the winner of the fabrics, Amy Butler pattern and Think Pink mini.  

It seems many of you share my shoe size.  I usually wear a 7, but ordered (or thought I had) a 7.5 in the tennis shoes to give my toes a little wiggle room.  Who would have thought that the default size for Tula Pink shoes would be 7.5 MENS?!!  I didn't even check the Size Chart the first time.  I know what size I wear.  It wasn't until I received my larger than expected shoes and checked the website that I realized there was a conversion chart ... not for converting UK to US... but for converting men's sizes to ladies'!  A 7.5 in mens translates to 9 in ladies.  Only three commenters wear this size.
This time the Generator picked number 1 of 3 comments, and Cara of CaraQuilts is also the winner of the Tula Pink shoes.  Congratulations Cara!  Email me your mailing address, and I'll put all these in the mail.

Thanks again everyone for playing along.
Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Congratulations to Cara, who could do with some good things happening at the moment so this is wonderful news for her.

  2. I kind of figured I was out of te running for the shoes.. :( I woulda looked GREAT in them.. Congrats to Cara on the double win, I think she needs to go purchase a lottery ticket.