Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's Up Wednesday: In case you are wondering...

....I'm still here....

 ....well, not "here" as indicated in the picture, but "here" as in still around.

This is my go-to picture when I'm in a funk.  I've shared it quite a few times....ha...but not lately;-)

Happy stitching!
(Send some of that quilting mojo my way!)


  1. ...and it's still a stunning and beautiful picture...hope it inspires you to create! 'cause when you's awesome!

  2. Mojo going your way right now; in the meantime, enjoy your break!

  3. Prayers my friend. Spring is coming! Paint your toenails purple, it might help!

  4. I haven't had much sew time myself!! And with all the distractions (PINTEREST!!)I find myself spending way too much time on the computer!! :D
    (Quilting's a HOBBY, right? So it's okay to take a break from your hobby!!)

  5. I have no quilting mojo to send. I haven't sewn in a LONG time, because I've been so busy at work. I have done a little handwork and embroidery, but I'm spent. I'm with you. I need spring.

    how about a hug instead? ((((HUG)))))

    Can't wait to see you in July. It will be here before we know it!

  6. I agree with your friends - spring is coming!! Hang in there.