Friday, February 10, 2012

Sew & Tell Friday #54

This week I spent more time reading than sewing....again.  This could explain why my stitching productivity is WAY down! 

Looking for a small project to make with my Melody Miller's Ruby Star Shining fabrics, I ran across this  list-taker pattern by Jennifer Casa.  I will be making more of these as I just can't get enough of these cute typewriters, and the list-taker is easier to make than the iPad case ;-) 

Here's the back...

....the inside pocket...

....and a place for my pencil and notepad.
I covered the top spine of the notepad with a strip of the much prettier ;-) 

My daughter is on winter break, so I have a feeling I will be doing more reading than sewing again for another week.  I am now on the second book in the Game of Thrones series, and I find I can keep track of all the characters better when I read in marathon sessions ;-)  

Happy Friday!  Be sure to see the lovely finishes linked up with Amanda Jean and Amy.


  1. I couldn't resist those typewriters either, but I didn't get those awesome clocks, which was clearly a mistake. Your list-taker looks awesome!

  2. That's adorable -- I love the typewriter!

  3. Those typewriters would make awesome book covers too! I love "reading" sessions. But, now-a-days I do audio books while I sew. (Feel very guilty if I just sit and read while there are so many projects waiting in the sewing shed). LOL