Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to My Lab

A laboratory is a place where experiments and testing are done. (noun)

My oldest can be credited with dubbing my sewing room "The Lab".  The name is rather appropriate as my design wall can attest!  The results of quite a few experiments and testing (still in progress of course) are displayed.  If you look carefully, you will see my first experiment with Dear Jane, two OMQG BOMs which were successfully tested, two or three Priority: Alzheimer Quilts still in the research stage, a failed scrappy Dresden experiment, along with my Peace, Love and Happiness and Cowboy and Cowgirl quilt blocks being assembled.  

  As I spent some time cleaning my Lab this weekend I thought I'd share a few photos.  (Next week I get my camera back and I can't wait.)  Sometimes I feel like the arrangement of my Lab itself is an experiment.  The furniture placement and room layout is constantly being tested ;-) 

I read a great article (there's that research coming in again....ha) that a creative space needs to generate energy.  This article explained several techniques of quilt studio arrangement and how these can impact inspiration.  I utilized some of these suggestions such as placing my Juki in the center of the room facing the door and my design wall.  

My fabric is stored in open shelving units visible as you first walk in the door as also suggested in this article.  However, I am not patient enough to fold my fabric neatly as suggested.  This is as neat as it gets folks!

Can you tell there is another design wall rolled up above the larger design wall?  I found the idea on another blog, but I can't find the link.  I use this smaller design wall for blocks that I am making using the Leader Ender method and in no hurry to finish.  There are about 7 or 8 36-patch blocks and 6 postage stamp blocks rolled up there.  When I want to use that design wall, I can just untie the ribbons, and it drapes over the main one.

This quilt top was draped over my chair getting it hangs here waiting for its turn to be quilted.   I took the curtains down a long time ago but kept the hardware.  Now it is serving a purpose.

   This basted quilt top is also waiting its turn to be quilted and keeping the coin quilt company.  I can push each one to either side of the window to let in the sunshine.  

This is the next area ready for a makeover.  
My featherweight and laptop rest on temporary tables at the moment.  

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my Lab!  
I am constantly rearranging .... who knows what it will look like on your next visit ;-)

Just in case you were wondering....there is no animal testing done in this lab ;-)

Happy experimenting stitching!


  1. Looks like the animal has it pretty plush in your lab! Fun seeing where you create. Lots of pretty going on in there.

  2. Love all your experimenting. Thanks for sharing your research with links. Your lab is wonderful!

  3. Love your lab. It's gorgeous! Want to come over to my house and work on rehabbing my room?!

  4. I love your lab! You have a lot of experiments going on in there!

  5. Sew Katie Did has a tutorial for a roll-up design wall...I think that's the link you're looking for. should visit Scientific Seamstress for a free downloadable Periodic Table of the Sewing Elements. How can a lab be complete without one?

    Thanks for sharing your space!

  6. Thanks for the tour. How is the Juki going? It takes a while to get comfortable to a new machine. That can justify spending lots of time sewing with it then. Glad Max is still part of your lab.

  7. From the look on Max's face, I think he was wondering about the testing criteria. I love your lab.

  8. cute about the anima testing! :) love seeing the work you are doing!

  9. Yes, there was animal testing. Max is the quality control tester and he is more assuredly giving his approval to the quilt, your laboratory, and ALL of the fun and fabulous goings on;) I love your roll-up design wall #2 and bunches and bunches of your other ideas!!! I LOVED seeing into your space with you!

  10. Gasp- that vintage-y strippy quilt on the window is just beautiful! I love it!

  11. Beautiful space! I couldn't help but notice your beautiful Juki! I love it, because well I have one just like it! I do have a question about yours, do you have any issues with it? I have taken mine to get fixed 4 times now! Just curious if mine was made with some issues or if everyone's have problems. :D