Friday, January 14, 2011

New Things

The new year brings new resolutions, but also new changes, right?

So I've been working on adding some changes to my blog.  Can you spot them?

But first, let me show you this wonderful table runner my friend Hope made me.  I just love it!!!  It matches the place mats and napkins she made me a little while ago.  I'm telling you, there are unexpected benefits to encouraging your friends and siblings to quilt!!  {grins}

So did you see I added a tab at the top labeled AAQI?  I wanted a central location to list by numbers the Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts I've made.  It also serves as a reminder that I need to make more!

I also added a Follow me on Twitter button and revamped by Twitter profile page.  Every once in a while when I'm not sure what I am doing on Twitter, something will catch my eye to justify my Twitter time.  Something like this tweet by American Quilter which said:  We are all connected by a single thread of hope and love. Quilters Newsletter Blog pays tribute to one of our own... which took me to the following picture and article:


Still need to update my Bucket List, Quilts, About Me and Links tab and remember to change my Picture of the Day photo thing at a time.

This isn't really a new thing.  As a matter of fact it is an old thing, but I want to make it new again.  Since the above picture was taken, this liberated amish top has been basted, partially hand quilted and partially machine quilted.  Now it is hidden in a closet.

It. is. a. mess!!!  

I won't even show a picture.  But I loved it before I messed it up.  So here's my question.  Do any of you have experience in ripping out the quilting stitches and starting over?  I'm worried about the original holes left by the stitches showing if I use a different quilt design.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I would like to rescue this quilt top from it's current miserable state.

Oh, and I think Monday is my 300th post!  Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. Don't give up on that gorgeous quilt, REne'! I am positive that when you requilt over it those preexisiting stitch holes will disappear after you wash it! It is too beautiful to languish in a closet!

  2. If you are willing to wash the quilt, the holes should disappear without any trouble.

    I love your AAQI tab! May I copy your idea and do the same on my blog?

  3. I've done it, one of my borders on a Christmas quilt started looking like drunken martini olives rather than graceful loops. I took out the first quilting and started over. It's worrisome the whole time you're re-quilting but just after the wash, the initial quilting holes all disappear.

  4. Such a sad story about the quilter who was killed in the Tucson shooting. Her family must really treasure all those labors of love that she made for them.

  5. I have ripped out quilting stitches in more than one quilt (shouldn't really be bragging about that, should I...), and spritzed it with water after requilting the top to remove the holes. Any stubborn ones have been rubbed with a wet q-tip. Washing will remove all those holes at once, except when you have used fusibles.

  6. I know that story got me too.

    I think it depends on which stitches you want to get rid of. Machine stitches leave holes, needle cuts the threads? I think that problem could be hand quilted over. I find when I hand quilt the fabric holes are easier to remove. I can rub over them with a finger and the threads come together.

    Either way, with a good wash, I think the fabric threads would shrink and minimize the holes.

    Don't keep it in the closet. This is one of my favorites.

  7. I think your blog is super cute!
    The Tucson shootings are close to my heart and in my state :( Thanks for sharing this article, I didn't know that they said she was a quilter, that makes me smile and she really looks like a sweetie :) Just think of the quilts that will remind her loved ones of her :)

  8. you're funny - didn't know you had a pic on the blog! :)

    fun sewing today - can't wait to see the next project, let alone what you do with the old one!

  9. I agree with your quilting friends. Don't put this quilt in the closet. It is one of my favorites. Do you think that the quitters in the pioneer days obsessed over their quilts or just enjoyed them? I think that they were enjoyed.