Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Made by Others

Shortly before school started, I took a quick trip to visit my sister.  The plan was deliver a sewing machine, give a brief quilting lesson and enjoy a mini sew day together.  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans....{the adventure is described on the Just for Michelle post}.

Obviously, my sister didn't need my help in learning to quilt!  I'd like to share with you the four {count them...four} quilts she made for Christmas gifts.  Oh...and did I mention....she quilted them herself!

Fruitcake Quilt
I was not with her as she presented her gifts on Christmas.  
My husband, kids and I disappear to Montana for the holidays, and our families refuse to visit us there in the winter.   (I'm from a family of GRITS {girls raised in the south}, and we don't do snow!)  
However, the recipients were kind enough to share their photos.

Whimsy Quilt
My sister and I have always talked (a lot) on the phone.  I don't know what we talked about before, because now we just talk quilting!  It sure is fantastic to share our passion for quiltmaking.  It didn't take her long before she was using the terms jelly rolls and bali pops with ease and learning the difference between a charm pack and a layer cake.

Colors of Nature
Here's my sister with my mom and the lovely batik quilt she made for her.  It's gorgeous!  I think the pattern is called Strip Search.  I know my mom treasures her quilt.  My mom is happy too, because now she has two daughters to make her quilts ;-)

This fabulous quilt was made just for me!!!!  I was blown away to receive this shortly after I returned home.  With all the phone calls back and forth discussing the ins and outs of quilt making, I never guessed one of those quilts would be mine!

Exchange of Flowers quilt
I am so impressed with Michelle's craftmanship!  This quilt is just wonderful!!  Can you believe, this is the first quilt she ever pieced, first one she quilted and first time hand sewing the binding?! No way!

I still can't believe how straight her quilting lines are...no fair!
This quilt is super soft too.  It has already passed my high standards for nap taking;-)

We are not even two weeks into 2011, and my sister is almost finished with this quilt top for her son.  Now, that's a compliment when your boys ask for their own quilt!


  1. Wow! Your sister sure took to quilting like a pro. Now, you just need her to set up a blog so we can see her new projects!

  2. how cool is that! I need to work on my sister! (she looks a lot like you in that pic!)

  3. Your sister surely is a natural. Her quilts are just wonderful.How great to be able to share the passion.
    I have a younger sister I chat to on the phone (alot)- she is in Brisbane so lots of chatting at the moment. She has always been 'allergic' to sewing as she says but is talking of taking sewing lessons-not to quilt she says but to make clothes. It's a start!