Monday, January 3, 2011


Yesterday I had to say several goodbyes...
to snowy Montana, to two completed quilts, and to my oldest and his girlfriend.

 I worked on this LOVE quilt forever it seems.  The quilting was done in a grid fashion which, I keep forgetting, is not as easy as it least not to me.  I can't tell you how many breaks I took from quilting this sucker...however, it is finally finished!!!!!  I brought it all quilted to Montana and finished up the binding and the label right before Christmas.

To recap, the pattern is from Kaffe's Quilts in the Sun book.  I used all Amy Butler LOVE fabrics for the centers and various solids around.  The backing is Chocolate Lollipop and the binding is Amy Butler aqua dots.  

I think she likes it ... I am hoping the LOVE quilt will be well loved ;-)

Solid Quilt #1 has been retitled Artist Palette and is now complete.  I have to tell you, I had a hard time parting with this one.  I designed it myself using seventy different solid blocks sashed in Kona White.

The backing is two different Kona grays, and I went with a teal binding.  
I'm telling you, hand stitching binding by the fire is the bomb!  I'm going to have to coordinate finishing all my quilts this way now ;-)

I am soooo glad I did not try and quilt this myself.  I sent it off to Eagle Mountain Quilting the day before I left for Montana.  Wendy finished it in a jiff and had it back to me in Montana the day before Christmas!  She did a fabulous job on the spirals I requested!

It was just tooooo cold to take pictures outside...even wrapped in quilts.  However, my son did model his quilt for me inside...

...being silly and reminding me of the little boy he'll always be to me ;-)

He wasn't the only one enjoying his quilt.. was hard to say goodbye....


  1. Both quilts turned out so pretty! The grid quilting looks great. Poor Wendy! ;)

  2. Great quilts Rene'!! I especially like the quilting on both of them!

  3. Cool quilts! That artist palette really rocks! I would have a hard time giving that one up too.

  4. Such lovely finishes--and how nice to have them gifted even though they're gone. A TOTAL finish must feel good.

  5. Both quilts and the young couple look wonderful, Rene', no wonder you had a hard time saying goodbye!

  6. Such great work!!! I love the solids arranged so artfully!!!! I know what you mean, you make them to give away, but it's still hard! (I think that applies to kids too...) :D

  7. Saying goodbye to them would be hard, but getting to see your son and his girlfriend enjoy them would be worth it!

  8. Wow! That is awesome! I'm working on my first quilt and would love to make something similar to yours as my 2nd quilt, but I'm still color-choosing-phobic. Can you list the colors you used?


  9. great posting, great quilts, sounds like a wonderful vacation!

  10. the clarity of Artist Palette is stunning. what an inspiration. what size are the color blocks and binding? I must do this. Put aside my current projects and MAKE a Palette quilt. Thank you so much for sharing. I keep coming back to your blog to see THIS quilt. Stunning simplicity.