Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girls' Day Out

Hope y'all enjoyed the long weekend!  I sure did!

My weekend was spent with the girls....Sew Day with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild and then a visit with my sister!

Here's Julie hard at work drafting another pattern.  She's so clever.  Wait until you see this one.

I brought my endless supply of solids and made progress on Solids #2 which is turning out to be a liberated coin quilt.

We had a great turn out for Sew Day...I just wish I could remember to take more pictures!

The trend of no picture taking continued at my sister's house, but I did remember to snap a few at the end.   It was great being able to chat quilts with my sister.  My daughter went with me, and my nephew was there, but they were both good sports about the day's agenda and humored us.

My daughter even took a break from her ipod to color on some freezer backed fabric I brought along.  I think I'll make her cat into a fun wall quilt for her room.

We mainly took advantage of what has become known as "my new toy".  After practicing with a few strips, my sister had the 280 two inch squares needed for her next quilt.

My new toy sure has gotten a workout this weekend!

 Sorry Michelle for the mess I left ;-)  Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Looks like a fun girls day! Makes me wish my sister lived closer (even in the same country) so we could get together like this.

  2. glad your trip was good - guess I'll need to come work on some squares one of these days too!