Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Do you remember a long time ago I received a whole bunch of packages, and I said I would save revealing the contents for a slow news day?  Well, that day is today.

The box from moo.com contained these snowmen notecards.

A second box from moo.com held these cute mini cards.

I may have actually revealed some of this before.  However, my main motivation for mentioning it again is to give a HUGE pat on the back and a BIG thank you to Lauren at Designer Blogs.  After putting up with me during the design of my blog (didn't she do a great job?!), I was thrilled that she agreed to help me with some other ideas floating around in my head.

For example, she took my blog button and designed square calling cards.  The back is really cute, too, but I forgot to take a picture.  Lauren designed the Rene' Creates "logo" that is shown in the second picture above and a cute email signature to match.  I love the JMR logo that is on the back of the snowman cards.  JMR is our family "brand" for Montana.

The design on these adorable stickers for my daughter was also created by Lauren.  Ally loves to put these stickers on cards she makes for her friends and gifts for teachers.  This is the closest she will come to having a cat ;-))  Occasionally, my Mom or Dad pop by my blog without "saying hi".  Mom or Dad, if today is one of those days, STOP READING NOW!!!

This one and the next are my Dad's Christmas present.  Not the jar!!!  The fabulous label!!!  Lauren created two logos for my Dad who is a fabulous cook.  We have been trying to get my Dad to "market" his Dad's secret sauce....what my sister and I call Harper Sauce.....

...but what my Dad would like to call Sauce of St. Lawrence.  So for Christmas, he is getting a jump drive with the logos, printed labels of each logo variation, and sample packaging.  Which brings me (finally) to the point...packaging.  In case you've been wondering what I'm doing with all these cool logos.

I've had fun using my Lauren-designed logos for gift tags for birthdays, thank yous, Christmas and just because; stickers on homemade customized charm packs, packages and envelopes; magnets made with mini cards; backs of note cards and Christmas cards (instead of Made on a Mac or Shutterfly); branding purposes; others I haven't thought of yet ;-))

Have an amazing day!!!!!


  1. I thought that was so cool when I saw it on my giveaway envelope!
    I don't dare give my daughter stickers with her name on them, they'd be EVERYWHERE.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Rene'! You are the best :)