Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Projects

Instead of finished projects, I will show you projects I need would like to finish start.

My friend asked me to make a quilt for a little boy that is registered with their church's Angel Tree. I plan to make Amanda Jean's filmstrip quilt pattern using some Alexander Henry and Amy Butler LOVE fabric I have in my stash.

I still can't settle on a pattern and fabric for my SIL's quilt.  Time is running out for making Christmas gifts.  I have leftover blocks from the third Coin quilt along with fat quarters from that Picnic Parade line that I will probably use to put together a quick simple quilt top....hopefully.

Then there is all this cool Christmas fabric I have.

I would like to make these cute Christmas tree hot pads.  The pattern is from Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics....

and these wine bags for friends.....

....and then there is this snowman Christmas well as numerous other Christmas gifts I would like to make for family and friends.  What to do???!!!!

Have an amazing day!!!!!


  1. I have a similar project list, but I'm afraid Christmas is coming a lot faster than I can sew!

  2. Write em down, stick them in a hat and jut grab one at a time. If you're anything like me, you will waste a lot of time otherwise thinking about what to start first!

  3. One thing at a time. Cara is right, make a list. Check it twice and ask yourself if the intended recipient has been naughty or nice. If the project. If bought!


  4. Wow, so much to do, so little time. You have a married daughter and a son in many children do you have..they just keep popping up, I thought you only had 2! Guess that was 2 at home!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm still sitting here having fun with the contents of the great package that came yesterday :) I really, really like that cool Christmas fabric you're showing. What line is it from? As far as your which project to start/finish quandary, I say, that if you don't have any one particular project that you're just in love with and can't wait to finish, take Cara's suggestion, otherwise you wind up driving yourself nuts. Of course if the wine bags are quick and easy, go for the wine bags and then just go buy some wines - voila' Christmas presents!

  6. Just bag it all and make something for yourself! Ok, maybe not, but that hot pad is cute and I've been thinking about making one myself! You have lots of great fabric to play with no matter what you choose.