Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Packages...sent and received

The last of the giveaway prizes I won arrived yesterday.  Now I feel like I can enter other giveaways without feeling guilty ;-))  This one is from Gudrun of GE Designs.

She mailed me fabrics from her new Olivia line.  Aren't they gorgeous?!  Thank you Gudrun.

The giveaways I offered from my 50th post are ready to mail...get ready girls!!!

Ironically, now that my color wheel project is complete, the Cosmo threads I ordered arrived yesterday. There had been a mixup with my order.  The company graciously sent me two cuts of MODA Flutterby fabric for the confusion.   The Cosmo threads are supposed to be smooth as silk and easier to work with compared to DMC threads.  I guess I will find out if I decide to use them on the large color wheel.

Still trying to find time to sew.  Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. What delicious fabric to find in the mail! I hope you have another winning streak because I've enjoyed seeing all your goodies!

    The thread is lovely! I've never tried that kind before. You'll have to let us know if it's all it's supposed to be. I'm so loving the blue on the Flutterby fabric. Sew happy your thread showed up late! LOL

    Dee (patiently watching her mailbox and promising not to stalk the mail lady!)

  2. So much pretty colours! Those fabrics and threads all look wonderful. I'd be sitting there petting them all day...hmmm maybe there's a reason DH thinks I have issues....

  3. Those fabrics are gorgeous. Will watch for them in future projects.
    I'll wait for the postie and try to be patient!!

  4. What a great winning streak you have had! What a great group of fabrics! Like everyone else, I can't wait to check the mailbox!

  5. I'll be watching my mailbox, thanks so much Rene.

    I Love that flutterby fabric, what a nice surprise. I hope you are happy with the new thread.

  6. I got my gift (of course I'm fairly close by too). Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I won't say any more because I don't want to spoil anyone's surprises :) Thank you Rene' that was so sweet of you to surprise us with your giveaway.