Monday, December 14, 2009


This weekend saw quite a bit of housekeeping.  Besides the never ending laundry and dishes, housekeeping of the quilting kind was accomplished.

I made quite a few labels this weekend and even sewed them on quilts.  In the past, I've made elaborate labels with pictures of the recipient and stories about how the quilt evolved....nice, but time consuming.  For this batch of quilts, I used Rachel's method of label making which is awesomely fast.

I had a photo shoot in the backyard to record all the quilts that are about to be mailed to their new homes.

I managed to squeeze some quilting time in.  This is the Angel Tree quilt.  I'm just about done.  Last night I started sewing the binding to the back.  I'll probably save all those details for Sew and Tell Friday since I have a feeling that is all that will be completed this week.

What do you think of these three coffee quilts?  I purchased them from Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  I discovered their site from a post on Anya's blog.  You should check it out.  They raise awareness and funds for research through art quilts.  They have a monthly online auction the first ten days of each month.  Additionally, they have quilts for sale which is how I got my hands on these three.  I am awaiting the arrival of the quilt I won in the auction as well as a couple more I purchased.  Some will fill in gaps on my Christmas list.  You can find information on their webpage about donating quilts for their auction.  

Have an amazing day!!!!!

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  1. Good for you with these great finishes...and labels too...that's where I seem to fall short! Have a great day!