Thursday, October 22, 2009

Waverunner Quilt Along

I signed up to participate in the Waverunner Quilt Along at Bumble Beans.  Yesterday, the first set of instructions was posted.  I'm not sure if my Waverunner button works, but it looks pretty.  Sometimes I have a problem getting the links to work when I copy buttons.  If the button doesn't work, you can click  here to check it out.

Such pretty solid quilt fabric.  This is not my stash OR scraps.  Previously, I have not used solid fabrics for quilting, so I ordered these beautiful Kona cotton fabrics.  Now, I'm supposed to take my rotary cutter and slice into this pretty fabric without a ruler???!!!??    That's what V at Bumble Beans says is the first step in making the Waverunner blocks.  So, that's what I did!!!   Gulp...

I know it's hard to tell, but I DID cut my strips wavy per instructions.  Here are the first strips hanging on the design wall before elimination.  My backing fabric is backordered, so I pinned a printout of the design.  It is from Amy Butler's new LOVE collection.  This is as far as I got today.

I did do a little fabric shopping to supplement the quilt I am making for Margaret's Hope Chest.  If you remember, I had a problem with backordered fabric and lower quality fabric.  I am prewashing the fabric at the moment and hope to complete the quilt top tomorrow.

I am still looking for someone to play along with my Pay It Forward.  If you are interested, click here or leave a comment on today's post.  Have an amazing day!!!


  1. How interesting, it's like you signed up for a class, but you don't have to leave home to participate, how great is that. I'l be eager to see how this all comes together. It looks like you're off to a good start with lovely fabric choices. Your strips look good to me, but I've never cut a strip of fabric without a ruler in my life!

    I like the new fabric you bought for your panel, I think you'll be glad you went ahead and switched fabric.

    I think the Pay It Forward Challenge is a wonderful idea, but I've committed to so many challenges in the last 2 months I feel like I have little time to do what I want. No more challenges for me for now.

  2. I like your fabric choice colors for the waverunner!
    You'll be surprised how easily it goes together... waves always freak people out, but i'm telling you, gentle waves,no problem...Work quickly, dont' worry if the edges line up perfectly, and dont' worry about a straight seam, wavy all around works fabulously... it's not like your cutting circles...
    Looks good! happy sewing!
    I'm already in a pay it forward. Good luck! it feels so good to make and pass it along!

  3. You are brave! Good luck with this project. I'll be back to see how it goes:)

  4. The waverunner quilt sounds like a fun project and I really like the colors you selected. I am always working with traditional patterns where the cutting must be precise -- working on this quilt seems like it would be liberating.