Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trio of Coins

I pulled out some jelly rolls I've been hoarding along with some extra Kona cotton I found lying around and I think I'm going to make a coin quilt.  I've seen several patterns and examples and love the design.

This group is Jenean Morrisson Picnic Parade fabric collection from Westminster.  I think I'll use these to make Sister#1 a coin quilt.  I still need to pick out binding and backing fabric.

This is Moda's Swanky.  This is for Sister#2's coin quilt.

Last but not least is Moda's Sorbet.  This is for Sister#3's coin quilt.

Actually, I think I'll sew the strips together and start working on the coins before deciding which quilts and Sisters belong together.

I've been practicing my zigzag stitching (practice scrap fabric above) for my daughter's quilt I blogged about here.  I actually sewed three diamonds onto the backing fabric.  It wasn't as hard as I thought moving all that fabric around.  Of course, I started on the blocks near the edges....we'll see how it goes as I move closer to the center.

This last picture is for Amy at A Commonplace Life.  You will notice that I did not zoom in on this picture in order to avoid the messiness.  Trust me it's not the best example of messiness I could come up with...stay tuned...there will be more to come.  You really need to check out Amy's blog here and here where she talks about being authentic when blogging.  After receiving numerous encouraging responses, she started a group called Moments challenging us to share all the moments of the day not just the "perfect" ones.  I encourage you to head over and read her comments.  She makes some very profound and interesting points and does so much more eloquently than I.

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Oh, I'm going to love watching you make these! The fabrics are just yummy and I love coin quilts!

    For the fall quilt I'm making now, I'm doing the back that way...piecing it as I go!

    Keeping things real is easier with kids around! LOL They don't let you get away with much, huh? Hope this is a good day for you!

  2. Beautiful fabric choices for the coin quilts! The zig-zagging looks good, too. That is gong to take a while to sew those all down!

  3. Hi Rene',
    Your quilt arrived on the 26th! It looks great and thanks for including the binding-we will finish it very soon!

  4. So, was it liberating? To post a photo of your mess?

  5. I've never heard of "coin quilts". I had to google it!

    I'll be eager to see these pieced. I like the beginnings.

  6. Love your choice for the future coin quilt, perfect colors!
    thanks also for visiting my blog :)

  7. I love reading the comments from your quilting blogger friends. I only wish I knew more about quilting so that I could really appreciate your work.