Sunday, October 4, 2009


I already showed this quilt before but in a different context.  Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottage is asking quilt bloggers to Show Off Your Back Sides....your beautiful quilt backs.  Go on over and add your blog URL to Mister Linky.  I haven't tried piecing my quilt backs yet, but I plan to do that on my next quilt.  I have seen so many cool quilt backs lately while blog browsing that I'd like to try them myself.

However, it was pointed out to me that I DID have a pieced quilt back to show, and since I wanted to play along, here it is again.  The above picture is the back of my son's high school graduation quilt.  I never really thought of it as pieced, because that was not my original plan.  I ended up with too many blocks on the front, so I put them on the back.  In addition to the extra blocks, there is a cut out of his old favorite t-shirt that says Listen To Bob Marley.  The center block is actually the label that includes his graduation picture.

Here is the front of the quilt.  My photos don't show enough detail to get the idea of the quilt.  (It never occurred to me, before blogging, to take more than one picture of my quilts including close ups, different angles, etc.)  The borders on the front and the background on the back are musical notes.  What I love about this quilt is that the blocks have handwritten messages and drawings for my son.

So, if you have a quilt back you'd like to share, please play along too.


  1. This looks fantastic! Love the colour combo as well. Great job.

  2. What a nice theme for your son's graduation quilt. I like crossword fabric you've chosen and the back looks just as interesting as the front.

  3. This is great Rene'....I think its ok to rewind and review again. Good idea!!!

  4. Great back! I also love the idea
    of the cut out t-shirt - what a
    fantastic idea!
    Thank you for sharing!