Monday, October 26, 2009

Circles, Diamonds and Wavy Strips

I didn't get as much sewing done this weekend as I planned.  The family wanted my company so the only work I accomplished was cutting.  I brought my cutting mat, rotary cutters, rulers and fabric into the family room area and cut while watching college football (FSU actually won for a change), NFL football, helping with book reports, listening to flute and harp practice.....

My daughter and sister share the same favorite color, so from the same fabrics I cut circles for my sister and "diamonds" for my daughter.  I took Stephanie's advice and used a CD for making the circles.  I cut the "diamonds" into 4 inch squares.  I had a diamond template, but my daughter prefers the square turned on its point to make a diamond.  Who am I to argue?

Can you tell I am putting off as long as possible sewing my waverunner strips?  I did cut a bunch more today, and I have promised myself tomorrow I will be sewing them.  I actually have to admit that cutting these wavy strips were so much fun.  Assuming I don't completely screw up the sewing, I may never go back to using a ruler again!!!  Only problem with no ruler, is no protection for fingers from the blade.  Ouch...a few minor cuts today!!!

 Even though all I did was cut fabric, there were various techniques involved in each set.  The circles were cut with a 28mm rotary cutter using a CD as a template and a tiny cutting mat.  The "diamonds" were cut the usual way with a 45mm rotary cutter, two acrylic rulers and medium sized cutting mat.  The waverunner strips on the other hand were cut with NO rulers...only a mat and rotary cutter.

The great thing about all this weekend cutting is that now I have tons of scraps (including selvages) AND plenty of stash fabric left over for future projects.  Hmmmmm...more projects to add to my ever growing list of things to make.  Two people have generously agreed to participate in my Pay it Forward.  I need one more.  Click here to see my original post.  Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Are you wearing bandaids? Need a blood transfusion? I'm yer gal! LOL I can't wait to see what these beautiful, lucious fabrics develop into.

    I appreciate you sacrificing "your" time for your family! What an awesome mom, and wife!

  2. Those fabrics are wonderful...I can't wait to see the quilts!

  3. Looks like the start of something good, I'm loving your fabric ! I hope you sewed some of those wavy strips today, I'm eager to see how they go together!