Monday, January 5, 2015

Bee Blocks

December was my month again to be Queen for the Mid-Century Modern Bee.  I selected the Dresden block and quickly made my first one using this tutorial.  Who knew the Dresden Plate block was so easy?!  If I had, I would have made some much sooner.

first ever Dresden plate block

auditioning centers
I received a few blocks before leaving town and was excited to open two weeks worth of mail today and find several more (along with tons of junk mail, bills and a few Christmas cards).

where's my flash???!!
I love the blocks I have received so far with the scrappy fabrics in my requested color palette and various size centers of the dresden plates.  I have an idea but am still tweaking my plan for this quilt.

goldfish block
 I brought the fabric ingredients for the goldfish block with me on vacation.  This is December's Wish Circle block for do.Good Stitches based on this tutorial.  Such a fast and fun block!  I highly recommend this one.

pineapple block
November's bee blocks were sent on time but not posted here:

November's MCM Bee block for Elizabeth.  She made it simpler for us by sending precut strips and the printed paper pattern.

Fieldcrossing quilt block
November's Wish Circle block following this free pattern.

Now on to January's bee blocks....

P.S. Just a reminder I will be back next Monday with my Dear Jane blocks, but Cindy has a linky up for Choose Your Own BlockAlong this week if you're playing along.

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  1. Your dresedens are gorgeous! I have never attempted that one--will be brave and try it one day!

  2. Don't all the Dresdens play together nicely? They are such a fun block to make! I look forward to seeing what you have planned for them!

  3. I"m loving how your blocks are looking together, Rene'!

  4. Just love your Dresden blocks, such nice colors!

  5. Is it my imagination or are there several sizes of Dresden up there on your board? While that will make for a really cool looking quilt, it will also be a bit of a challenge for sure. Thanks for selecting that block--I had fun doing it!
    Your pineapple quilt block is safely sewn into the quilt top; thanks so much for making me one. And welcome home!

  6. What a fun and diverse collection! Of course I'm partial to your dresdens!

  7. The different center sizes make such a difference! I was going from one to the other, enjoying them all. Lucky girl!

  8. I'm sorry my block is so late! It was really fun to make, and I might request Dresdens for either MCM or Sew Sisters. :)