Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sewing With Friends

Saturday was our OrlandoMQG Sew Day at the library, and we had an especially large group.  It amazes and impresses me how far members drive to sew together!  Another example of how special our guild is.

Sweet gift from my friend Doris!
Members modeling our necklaces.  Thanks Yumi!
Presidents of two nearby MQGs drove over to sew with us, my sister drove down from Georgia and Yumi sent these gorgeous fabric necklaces from Japan.  Too bad Japan is a bit far to travel for a Sew Day!

Michelle's project
My sister worked on her MCM Bee block.  Love the bright florals against the text fabric.

Wish Circle block in progress
I brought fabrics to work on my MCM Bee block too but didn't quite finish with my Wish Circle block.  I blame it on the awkwardness of my walking foot having forgotten to switch feet from my last project.

Fabric gift
Michele was generous in adding to my cowboy fabric for future Leo quilt.

I'm so blessed!
 My sister also hand delivered my Christmas gift!!  She spoils me with her beautiful quilty creations.  Thank you Michelle!  I have spent most of the last few days cuddled underneath.

Pondering options
 Another reason for my sister's visit was a trip to IKEA to purchase furniture for her sewing room.  My daughter went with us as she believes "Ikea is a magical wonderland!"  Michelle did not agree ;-))  She was successful in obtaining her items though.  No need for her to visit Ikea again!

 Yesterday, I enjoyed hand stitching with friends for Crafty Tuesday.  So nice to pull this old WIP out after several years.  I even learned a new embroidery stitch.  At QuiltCon (only 29 more days!) I am taking an embroidery class with Alison Glass.  Will be interesting to see if I add more embroidery WIPs or finish this one sooner because of the class.

Do you get together routinely to sew with friends?


  1. Sewing with friends is worth the travel. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. I am in the embroidery class on Thursday morning. I ordered my supplies. Can't wait.

  3. I don't get to sew with others enough, I love being able to chat and catch up with fellow quilters while I am sewing. I am excited for QuiltCon too, hopefully I get to meet you in person.

  4. I got your lovely New Year's card yesterday! What a lovely surprise -- thank you!