Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WiP Wednesday 9/3/14

I had computer issues all weekend so did not get to sew as much as planned.  My Mac has a doctor's appointment with the Genius Bar later this week, and in the meantime I am taking photos and posting with my iPad.  Again, more progress on my spiderweb blocks.

spiderweb bee block

One more completely pieced spiderweb block....another spiderweb block with all its wedges ready for assembly...and a filler block also ready for assembly.  

I spy some scraps from a friend as well as some new fabrics

I like to wait until there are enough wedges to assemble several blocks - more design choices that way.  Since last week I can report two more web blocks and one more filler block.

filler blocks to go in between the spiderweb blocks

I pulled out my Dear Jane project from longer than I can remember and pieced two more blocks.  That makes all of four to date!  Only 220 more to go!

All four DJ blocks

If you didn't read my post yesterday, Frustrated Quilter, Live a Colorful Life and I have formed a support group (not exactly) for these type of projects.  They are making Tula Pink City Sampler blocks while I'm working on my DJ blocks.  Care to play along?  It's a customizable quilt along - Choose Your Own Blockalong - decide which quilt project and how many blocks per week you aim to make.  Easy!  Click on the links above to read their take on the blockalong.

crappy ipad photo

At this week's guild meeting, I'm dropping off the finished baby quilt made for the Michael Miller fabric challenge.  More info on last Friday's post in you're interested.  Here it is fresh out of the dryer.

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  1. I love that spiderweb quilt!! The dear Jane blocks look great too! I know the feeling about not having time to sew. Soccer has started, so free time is nearly nonexistent. Well, I will just love vicariously through the three of you! 😉

  2. Spider web and Dear Jane, both on my ToDo list! And of course KF fabric, better than the happy hormone.

  3. Bummer about your computer problems. The Genius' at the Apple stores are really good, so hopefully they will fix it up in no time. Love those spider web blocks!

  4. Your spiderweb blocks have some fabulous fabrics in them. That's a great idea getting a group of friends together and motivate each other to finish a project.

  5. I like you spider web and am trying to figure out where those filler blocks come into play....I'll be watching for more updates! I love your support group idea....I bet it helps!

  6. I've always admired Spider Web blocks/quilts, and yours is no exception. It's going to be great! Good for the three of you to be tackling separate projects, together. Smart motivation. Wish I could find the time to join you!

  7. Glad to see your spiderweb blocks coming together. (I'll be happy to make more in another round of MCM if you want to throw it at us again!). I've had internet problems this past two weeks (two visits by the cable guys) so I hear you on connectivity and computer issues. (Cue: head banging against wall). Hope you get to the bottom of it all!


  8. I LOVE your spider web blocks SOOO much that I want to stop working on everything (including my dozen ufos) and make some right now!

  9. Your webs are looking os good. Don't your just love computers? I've been having some issues too which has kept me from finishing three patterns I've been trying to wrap up for months now. uggg.