Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WiP Wednesday 9/17/14

I signed up for Rachel's Angled Camp and have immediately fallen behind as I knew I would.  That's OK because I have a plan ;-)

fabric pull
Here's the first fabric pull for the first class quilt Indian Blanket.

I am undecided between using this combination with the golds or this combo with the greens.  

or Greens?
Whichever I choose for this row, I will use the other in another row.  Suggestions?

eight blocks so far
I'm making progress on my Dear Jane blocks and my spiderweb blocks.  

slow but steady progress
The Dear Jane is a long term project; my spiderweb quilt has a looming deadline.

Linking up with Lee's WiP Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I love your prints in all your WIPs! I think the green triangles pop a little more!

  2. Very pretty. I like the mustard combo to highlight the color in the floral

  3. I'm a fan of the mustard combo.
    Just started a new spiderweb myself. Yours is looking lovely.

  4. I actually copied your images and put them in a word doc to play with the 2 different blocks. If you stick with the arrangement you have in your photo, you have reds/pinks on the corners and greens/blues on the inner blocks, so using the green would continue that pattern (if that makes sense).

  5. I like the top combo with the golds even though I'm usually more of a green person.

  6. Iike the look of the golds also!