Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WiP Wednesday 9/22/14

I really like making these spiderweb blocks and love the way they look, but can I say I am ready to be finished?!!  I have a self-imposed deadline that is rapidly approaching.

four more
This past week I made progress on the filler blocks that are alternated with the spiderweb blocks.  The above picture shows a partial layout.  

ten blocks completed

Dear Jane blocks are now up to ten.  

charity quilt blocks
I haven't blogged yet about my Maker Faire Orlando weekend, but these quilt pairs are waiting to be assembled into a quilt for Habitat for Humanity.

four patches growing
I invited attendees to stitch a block using 5" denim squares and charm squares.  I was pleasantly surprised at the number of pairs sewn: all that I brought and enough for a twin size quilt!

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  1. The Spider Web is so much fun and so inspired by all the work you do to help others!


  2. Great idea for the spiderweb. love, love, love!

  3. What pattern are you using for your awesome spiderweb quilt??? It is going to be really pretty! Is it a tutorial online? Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  4. Those spiderweb blocks are great - I would love to see it when it is completed. I love your fabric choices and layout.

  5. I really like the fussy cut block with the bee in the center on mint. Sampler quilts are so fun to slowly work on bit by bit.

  6. That spider web quilt is going to be amazing!!! Love everything you've got going on here!
    Having to change my account around (long story) hoping I got that no reply thing ironed out!

  7. LOVE the spider webs!

  8. Oh how I love Spider webs. Will totally be worth the time. :) I hope Maker Faire was awesome.

  9. I've been making a spider web quilt too. I love making them also....but, yep, I, too, am ready to be done!

  10. Very cute! I love your backgrounds! I just did some spiderweb quilting. I guess it's that time of year :-)

  11. I can tell you aren't traveling as much. :) Your spiderweb quilt is going to be phenomenal!

  12. Do you need more Spider Web blocks? Put them on MCM again--I'll make a few! You didn't say what your deadline was, but if it's not too close by, I'm serious--enlist your fellow quilters!

    They do look so great, as do all your other blocks.
    :) Elizabeth