Thursday, August 21, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Speed

I really just want to post two pictures and say it is much easier to photograph a racing car than a running toddler!

photographing at Sebring
Of course on the race track, you know where the cars are going.  

That is not necessarily the case (if ever) with a toddler!

gone in a flash
Since there should be more than two pictures in a RRT post, here are a few more.

Seattle Children's Museum
I spent a few days with my grandson playing tourist in Seattle.  I haven't uploaded all of the photographs so I'm sure Leo will reappear in next week's Really Random Thursday.

fun with TP
Apparently, Leo would rather play with the toilet paper than visit the Chihuly exhibit.  That's probably a better idea anyway.

what were they thinking?
Back to the race cars....who would take a perfectly good Ferrari and give it a University of Miami paint job?!!!  Now if it was a Florida State University makeover that's a different story.

Who let the Ford on the race track?!
 During the "everyone can go on the track" lap, my husband's uncle took his Explorer for a spin.  He was as excited as a little kid.  Cracked me up seeing his Ford doing laps with Ferraris and Lamborghinis.  You should see the selfies he took while driving.

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  1. Neat that you could go to Sebring. I've been there, but only for a modern quilt retreat! Leo is looking as cute as ever. I'm glad you had a good time with him, even if you ended up chasing him with a camera!

  2. That is a crack-up to see that Explorer. I wonder how my Toyota Highlander would have fared! Fun to see the photos of your grandson--the toilet paper image made me laugh!


  3. What a fun post, Rene'! Little Leo looks like you, I think. Do others say that? Grandchildren are the best invention!!

  4. I love seeing photos of Leo. He looks a picture of innocence with the toilet paper all ripped up in front of him.