Thursday, August 14, 2014

Really Random Thursday: End of Summer

My daughter started school yesterday (high school sophomore!), so I guess summer around here has officially ended.  I took the traditional first day of school photo, but she said she would disown and unfollow me (on Instagram) if I posted it anywhere on social media.

the Epcot golf ball
However, before school started back we had fun playing tourists.  Disney is quite close to us, so of course we rarely go there.  My husband's company had a retreat there last weekend which gave us an excuse to visit.  I get a kick out of Disney's merchandising and use of their logo.

only at Disney ;-))
For example, these Mickey Ear towels were placed on the beds...

room key and Epcot ticket

....and Disney has gone to wrist bands for room keys and incidental charges...makes purchasing a little too convenient...

embarrassed the kids by posing for pictures
Our weekend "away" was pretty short actually.  One day was spent by the pool with the evening being set aside for Epcot firework viewing.  

We had a quick dinner at the Mexican restaurant where I had the best margarita ever!  Mango, blueberry and basil with chili powder on the rim.  Trust me, it tastes much better than it sounds!  I may have had a second one.

lame fireworks photo
I took a short video of the fireworks to send to Leo since he loves the "boom" ;-))

Oh and tomorrow is National Relaxation Day!!  Make it a good one.

Oh yeah
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  1. Thanks for the updates on Epcot. I haven't been there for at least 20 years, and you make it look like a good time. Love the pic of you and your kids. You all have the same grin, and it's beautiful. About that margarita though... you'd have to convince me. I relate to how you think of your grandson when you're doing things. Every time I drive the golf cart through a tunnel, I feel the urge to toot the horn - the "beep-beep" as grandson Austin demands. Stuff like this make us miss our little guys, doesn't it?

  2. I hope to go to Disney World some day. We just love Disneyland. They give such attention to detail.