Monday, March 11, 2013

Mini Monday: Spring Cleaning

The fabric organization is ongoing here.   I have now made a THIRD trip to the local comic book store for more boards.  They even gave me a frequent shopper punch card!  I am determined to tame organize my fabric stash before I do any sewing, but I'm beginning to think I will NEVER reach the bottom of my fabric pile.

Topsy Turvy Triangles
  Since I have no sewing project to share today, I want to show you the mini quilt my friend Michele made for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  I just love the movement of the teeny triangles.  This was my February Quilt a Month purchase, and it looks so pretty in front of my neatly folded fabric stacks.

Getting there
Here's a glimpse of my folding-fabric-around-comic-book-boards progress.  I haven't had a chance to organize by colors yet; I am just placing the fabric on the shelves as I go along to get them off the floor. The rearranging by colors/theme/designer will be the fun part!

Hope someone is getting some stitching time in.  Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Thanks for the info on the comic book boards...I was able to order some on Amazon since I don't live close to a comic book store...can't wait to get them!

  2. Squee! Just look at all that pretty fabric. It looks gorgeous. Thanks for buying my mini. So are you going to Comic Con next time?

  3. Oh how fun! Your stash looks delicious!

  4. Can you come organize my room next? I currently have fabric in two rooms, covering the beds. LT comes home Friday...not sure where he's going to sleep!

  5. Wish I lived close enough to come help!!! We would have fun and it would done in no time!!! It's looking good Rene'.

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  7. This looks great, Rene'! I would probably go broke if I had to wrap all my fabric around the boards. Just sayin'...

  8. Your stash is looking great! Way to go! I really love your little purchase. It's gorgeous!