Monday, March 4, 2013

Mini Monday: Blocks and Such

First little bit of sewing since returning from QuiltCon:

February MCM Bee block
Already I'm behind in my bee blocks.  Cindy requested the winged square block for February's Mid-Century Modern Bee block.  I enjoyed selecting the fabrics for this one, and the tutorial is easy to follow.  I had to throw in a shot cotton for Cindy.  Can you spot it?

Here's a little bit of sewing done at QuiltCon:

Diamond blocks
 Elizabeth's Marmalade quilt making class was only a half day.  After making my templates, I managed to piece two diamond blocks.  I am looking forward to more strip piecing now that I have access to my full stash of fabric.

Paper piecing
 I showed these paper piecing blocks from Penny's class before, but I can't resist showing them again.  The cupcake is the only one paper pieced; the others were made with the freezer paper technique.  We even learned to stitch y- seams.  Not bad for a beginner.

More y-seam stitching in Jacquie's machine pieced hexagon class.  I mentioned before that I did more talking than sewing in this class (which was also a half-day class), but I did pay attention to the teacher and learned the technique ;-)  Today I did more hexagon fabric cutting for another project I have in mind.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy stitching,


  1. Well, we'll,'ve been quite the busy bee! I love your diamond strips and the Feb block is breathtaking! Beautiful, an d do you like machine-piecing the hexies?

  2. Love your hexies! I am so in love with Cindy's blocks. I may have to make me one of those! I love all her colors, too.