Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's Up Wednesday: Happy

Yesterday I spent most of the day in my sewing room (which makes me happy) working on a few WIPs and finishing a little happy for a special friend!

Glimpse of the back
I can only give you a peek since it's a surprise.  Shhh...don't tell.
 There is quite a bit of white in this project and just as I was about to give the entire finish a final pressing, I noticed my iron had melted the top of one of my glass jars.  Don't know how that happened.

Major obstacle to finishing
Thankfully I noticed the sticky goop in time.  With all that white, what a mess that would have been.  Since this is the only iron I own, out I went to buy some iron cleaner AND a new iron.  I am pretty sure I cleaned off all the residue, but I wasn't taking any chances with this gift, so I used the NEW iron!

Old photo, but you get the idea
I didn't take any updated pictures, but I joined several rows of the baby chevron quilt.  I like to work on more than one project at a time.  Don't ask me why.

Playing with paper and fabric
I've been wanting to make cards with small snippets of fabric, and I finally played around with that.  I used an old needle and made sure my stitch length was longer, but I still need to work on the tension.

Good to remember
I've shown this photo before, but sometimes I need the reminder.  
I am happy that later today I am joining two good friends for lunch.  Can't wait!

What are you up to this Wednesday?


  1. I think that "happy" is a great theme for today. Have fun with your friends today. Speaking of small snippets of fabric, we sewed yesterday for Children Hemmed in Prayer and I have three bags of scraps for you. The ladies are so impressed with what you are doing for the AAQI that they are saving all their scraps for you.

  2. Lovely post! i dropped my hot iron on the carpet last week and it picked up melted carpet. I'm resisting buying a new iron but may have to!

  3. I sure like the looks of your label on that fun fabric. Oh, the mystery of all these "happies"!

  4. I agree with Cindy. That label on that fun fabric is pretty fun. Your "special friend" is pretty lucky! I'm so happy you got to sew. I can't wait until Saturday, when I'll get to do the same.

  5. Nice to have some "happy" mixed in with the iron mess!

  6. Definitely a happy post!LOVE the baby chevron quilt!

  7. Always love seeing what you are up to! Love the saying to. We use all the pretties at our house. Nothing is saved for special times. Every time is special!