Thursday, September 20, 2012

Really Random Thursday: Road Trip

Last weekend I attended my first college football game of the season.   Let me tell you it was a hot one!

How hot is it?
I discreetly took a picture of this young girl sitting in front of us.  The back of her t-shirt should give you an indication of the temperature.  Thankfully this weekend's game is a night one.  Just to be safe I don't think I'll wear a colored bra under my white shirt ;-)

What does it all mean?
We spotted this license plate while driving in the college town.  It provoked a discussion as to the meaning.  Some thought it meant the young driver was thanking his/her daddy for buying him/her a nice expensive car.  I'd like to think the driver there was also a debate as the gender of the driver was making a statement that he owed everything to his parents for providing such a good education, etc. What do you think?

Not So Close....My Lawyer is
This bumper sticker caught my eye while driving my daughter to school.  I smudged the name of the law firm and the driver's license plate because this is a commercial free blog! to protect the identity of all involved ;-)

So true!
The Arts League at my daughter's school has a clever theme for this year, wouldn't you agree? 

Judy's quilt inspiration -  Florence, Italy
Speaking of good friend just returned from a trip to Italy.  She doesn't quilt but met a nice woman from Houston who does.  Maybe between her friend Judy and I we can convert her!  She shared this photo Judy took in Italy that would make a great quilt.

Moo cards
 My friend didn't remember my blog address to tell her new friend, so when we had lunch yesterday I passed out some of my quilt cards.  You never know when they may meet other quilters on their travels, not to mention I'd like them to read my blog once in a while ;-)

Yes it does!
I forgot to show this package last week.  In addition to the baby quilt for Leo, my friend brought my husband a tiny box of cigars.  Love the contrary, but oh so true, sticker on the box.

Love and Peace
How cool are these peace pretzels?  If you haven't noticed by now I have a thing for peace signs.  These pretzels are also pretty tasty.

So, that's my really random Thursday.  How random was yours?


  1. I love your random Thursday blogs. Your life is so interesting and you have such a creative way of reflecting what is going on in your life. Enjoy your trip to tally. GoNoles!

  2. Love the peace pretzels! Yeah, I think a dark bra under a white shirt is a bad idea on a hot day! And I O DAD definitely means, "I owe Dad for everything that is good in my life!" ;-)

  3. Okay, what I noticed on that license plate picture was my nephew's name "Mike Schmitz"--obviously he's a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Florida...? Probably not, since he's a 14 year old high school student...but. I'd like to think that driver owes Dad for a lot of things! Funny what I notice in your pics, last week, the Hawkeye onesie, this week my nephew...

    And I'll have to share the football game photo with my mom. She's always had a hang up about colored bras and panties under light clothing--she'll love that pic. I'll bet that gal was surprised when she got undressed that evening...

    and I adore the idea of your moo cards, I'm going to have to order some!

  4. Another great week of randomness! The peace pretzels are just awesome. I agree with Mama Pea about the license plate. And bra...hmmm....Will it never cool down? Ugh. I'm tired of hot weather! Someone said they had to put on socks and long pants today. HUH?

    And the Arts League theme is the BEST!