Thursday, September 13, 2012

Really Random Thursday: Three Weeks Worth

I hope the "three weeks worth" portion of the title doesn't scare readers off.   I sure did miss these Really Random Thursday posts during my hiatus.   I promise not to show 500+ baby pictures after all, I haven't edited them yet! and I took advantage of the PicStitch app to prepare mosaics so it won't look like there are too many of common-themed pictures.

How many relatives does it take to make a baby smile?!
During Leo's visit to Florida, he was exposed to a variety of unique experiences: flying on an airplane (even though he has already ridden too many times in an ambulance and helicopter), tropical storms, Gators (of the animal AND human kind), shopping, celebrating and meeting the paparazzi family and friends.

Then and Now - Four Generations
Since Leo and his parents live on the other side of the world it's a minimum 5 hour plane ride and then a 2-3 hour drive and ferry ride to get to Leo's house, many friends and family members have not had the opportunity to meet Leo until now.  My son was happy that so many people took advantage of them being in Florida to visit.
Tracking Isaac with's not a good thing when your hometown is mentioned in the same newscast as a hurricane
For some family members, visiting Leo in Florida coincided with their evacuation from the Gulf Coast and Hurricane/Tropical Storm/ Tropical Depression Isaac!

Family came from far and wide to meet Leo
 Others came to visit on their way to/from college football games.
Beware of those Gators!
I made sure opposing team fans were not here at the same time!
 Leo had to be changed into and out of his different college game day onesies depending on who was visiting.
Friends wanted in on the Leo action too.
There was one moment when Leo's Mom (who is not a big football fan and who had to be educated on the fact that the Chick-fil-A Bowl is not an entree but an important football game....but we still love her!) dressed Leo in the wrong outfit and offended one of our friends ;-)

So many different colleges represented in our family - but everyone knows no Gator stuff allowed.

Even though our family is completely obsessed with FSU into football, we knew better than to take a two-month-old to a college football game in the Florida heat.  It was such a hot day that my daughter found relief in the shade of the car trunk.

Leo is crying cause he couldn't go to the game....Go Noles!
Leo turned three months old while he was here, so we had to have a party!

You are 3 Months Old now!
Appropriately enough, it was also Grandparent's Day!!!

Did you see this video produced by AARP?  It's not as fun as the USA Olympic swimming team's version of Call Me Maybe, but it's pretty cute.

Raspberry and Chocolate - it just goes together!
One last thing.  Did you know that today is International Chocolate Day?  Well, it is.  Think I may enjoy a few of these Raspberry M&M's to commemorate the occasion. random is your Thursday?


  1. Well, it's pretty easy to see where your time has gone lately! LOL. I'm glad you've had such great opportunities to spend time with your family. Love the red m&m's....raspberry???? Cool!

  2. What a wonderful posting! You really captured a very special time in Leo's life.

  3. Oh, my goodness. Leo is SO adorable and such a smiling baby! It's hard to believe he is that big already. Lucky baby to have so many admirers : )

  4. Is that an Iowa Hawkeye onesie? Wrong school, if it is!!! You have a beautiful family, I enjoyed this post immensely.

  5. What a great trip! Thanks for the fun peek into your three weeks. Really, *only* 500 baby pictures?:-)

  6. Oh, I LOVE this post. And might I just add: you are the QUEEN of the strikethrough--one of my most favorite options ever. Leo is just so adorable. I love his chin especially...And while I know you must be ware of gators, real and sports, I'm more concerned about the other thing on the sign that you must be wary of. (shiver.....)

    Great pictures.

    Hi, Michelle: You and and Leo are so cute together!