Monday, July 2, 2012

Working on WIPs

For the last several days I've been rocking the WIPs.  Before I left town I had sewn the binding on the really big peace quilt and in one day pieced the backing for the liberated coin quilt as well as basted and quilted it.  That's a record for me.

I really want to bring these two quilts to my retreat for show and tell and am determined to finish them before Friday.  Both of those quilts took up an entire carryon bag!  I guess the batting really does add to the bulk!  Even if I get them both finished, I don't know whether I will be able to take them to the retreat since I need to find room for my sewing machine.

Regardless, it is good motivation for me to finish these WIPs.  I started working on the Peace, Love and Happiness at last year's retreat and showed the Liberated Coin quilt to the girls and asked for advice on sashing, etc. so would be nice to have them completed.

The hand stitching on the binding is complete on the Peace quilt.  I found several scenic places for stitching including this deck with a view of the mountains.

Here it is fresh out of the dryer all crinkled and soft.

Today I pulled out the Liberated quilt from my carryon, trimmed it, pieced the binding and attached the binding to the front.

Here's a picture of the backing which shows the quilting.

My husband wanted to go fly fishing so being the good wife that I am, I accompanied him with my Liberated quilt in tow.  I hand stitched part of the binding river side while my husband fished.

We found these adirondack chairs conveniently located beside the river bank and I hung out there for several hours stitching while my husband did his fishing.  I even found a bathroom spot in a secluded area ;-)

 If you know me at all, you know that I must have been in the woods quite a long time to use this bathroom!


  1. Your quilting is amazing Rene', and what a beautiful setting in which to do your handsewing...and you're wearing long sleeves! I'm dreaming of long sleeves weather :)

  2. Your quilts and photos are beautiful!! And I, for one, am quite amazed, astonished, falling out of my chair in shock that you used such a "rustic" bathroom ;-)
    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Can't wait to see you in TWO days!!!!

  3. Great quilts! Laughing because I have a couple Vera bags in the same pattern! Drooling because you get to quilt in some beautiful places. Glad it wasn't me in the woods...this time. Safe travels for your quilt retreat. Hoping you have a wonderful time!

  4. AZEKA's Granny aka Rene's momJuly 3, 2012 at 11:49 AM

    Beautiful quilt, beautiful setting, beautiful birthday girl. Happy Birthday NeNe.

  5. Fun to see your peace quilt finished. Seems like you whipped that one up pretty quickly. it is hard to decide which projects to bring, isn't it. At least I can fill up my car - I am lucky I don't have to fly. You can always buy batting or supplies there if you need something. I'd be willing to ship anything for you.

  6. it was soooooo great to see your quilts IN PERSON this past weekend! :) you did such a nice job on both of them! thanks for schlepping them to retreat just for show and tell. that's pretty impressive! hope you had a great trip home. miss you already!

  7. So fun to see your quilts this weekend. I love that you got to sit and sew while hubby fished. How wonderful. I dream of sitting with you to do that! Your bathroom cracked me up!