Thursday, July 19, 2012

You know you are a grandmother when... consider 1,560.2 miles as being "in the area"

 and will drive that far to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with your grandson.

The mileage reading from Points D to E and back to F
Remember the map I showed?  Points D to E was to see Leo.  My husband and daughter picked me up from the airport right after my Gruber's retreat, then we drove to Washington for a day and a half,  then back to Montana to unpack and repack suitcases to then fly home to Florida.  
Talk about your quick trip!

Napping with Leo
It was SO worth it!!!  I fell asleep holding Leo while he slept, so his parents could catch up on their sleep.  I could do that ALL day long!!!!
My daughter catching up on her beauty sleep on the car ride.
We were all tired.  My daughter was on the go with her cousins while I was retreating, so she was exhausted.  I know this because she does not like to nap ;-)

Grandfather time
I did share Leo with my husband....a little when I needed to use the bathroom.  
He was very understanding and only teased me a little.  

I even remembered to hug Leo's parents before removing him from their arms.  
See....I also took their picture....with my cell phone.

I made up for that by asking if I could please offering to change dirty diapers.....that definitely falls in the "you know you are a grandmother when...." category.

For me, another indicator is my willingness to make something 3D like the adorable reversible trousers in this book!

You also know you are a grandmother when you record baby sounds (don't worry, I won't share that) and nag the parents for daily pictures in order to get a Leo fix.   In my defense, I do live far, far away.....


  1. Leo is so cute. You're a blessed gramma!

  2. Congrats! He's gorgeous. When my nephew was that small, we used to fight over him. Nicely. :-)

  3. What beautiful pictures!!!! That last one is SO adorable :-) I was needing a little "Leo fix" this morning ;-) Love to all!!

  4. Oh, Rene', he is just looking so adorable! He's already changing and looking so alert and wide eyed. Don't blame you one bit for driving 1500 miles to see him!

  5. You definitely have all the signs of being a grandmother. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. That last photo was worth the trip! :D

  7. I love it. He is so cute. I can see why you need your daily fix! I am so happy you are enjoying grandmotherhood so much!

  8. I can't wait to see him in the pants you are going to make him. He is going to look so handsome!