Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Finish: More Peace

Well in between the rainy day napping, I managed to quilt the humongous (as I am now calling it) Peace quilt, piece together scrappy binding and stitch the binding onto the front.

I debated about whether to show this quilt until I had finished stitching the binding on and washing it.  I had a difficult time getting a good picture and an even harder time showing the quilt design.

This crude drawing shows the quilting I had in mind.  The red marking indicates the quilting lines.
If I had to do this all over again, I would go with something closer to what I had done on Leo's Peace Baby quilt.  I also would have used a blue for the background rather than the cream, but hindsight the saying goes ;-)

The pieced backing with two different solids joined smack dab in the middle ended up being spot on!  The joining of the two colors is centered (almost perfectly) with half of the peace sign quilting on the gray side and the other half on the teal.  When it is all done maybe I can find a helper to hold the quilt up for a better picture.

The binding has been stitched onto the front.  Hand stitching onto the back to be done on the road....once again.

My estimation of the required amount of binding was completely off.  No worries....I now have quite a bit leftover for another project.

I am hoping when the binding is stitched onto the back, the quilt is washed, and I have photographed it in my happy place, I will once again refer to this quilt as Peace, Love and Happiness!


  1. I am so proud of you and LOVE your quilt!! I am waiting anxiously to see it in your happy place :) Great job!!!

  2. This is so awesomely beautiful! Wow! I like this one even better than the first one! Brava!

  3. What a great project! Must be so nice to have it almost done. Also nice to have extra binding ready for the next project.

  4. I am always amazed at creative people's ability to envision a project and then see it come to life. You must feel really good about completing this awesome quilt.

  5. Was the graph paper picture just for me?!? Love it!

  6. What an accomplishment, Rene'. It is amazing. And the way you designed it, Wish I could do that!