Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fabric Shopping

I spent five days retreating with my sister Michelle in Minnesota, and we did some fabric shopping together then.  Yesterday, my daughter and I hit the road to visit my sister at her home and do some more fabric shopping, this time in Georgia.

Fabric purchases from Gruber's
Unfortunately, the quilt shop she wanted to show me is closed on Mondays (as was the cupcake place, but that's another story).  After some online research, we decided to visit this fabric store that was new to both of us.  The store front did not look promising; to say there was no curb appeal was putting it mildly.  At first glance, the inside didn't look much better, but after some browsing, we did find some cotton quilting fabrics.  

Fabric store in south Georgia

Actually, the owner was very friendly and helpful.  I know a few LQSs that could learn a thing or two from this accommodating gentleman, and I was reminded to "not judge a book from its cover".  We chatted with the owner who rescues and repairs old Singers.  His store had rows and rows of machines being repaired and quite a few Featherweights and antique treadle machines on display.  While my fabric was being cut by another employee, he showed me how to oil my Featherweight and provided other useful Featherweight information.
Sew and So Fabrics goodies
On our way out the store, we were even given a measuring tape....this guy knows all about "happies"!

I brought a few happies to my sister, and she showed her finished quilt from the retreat.  I took a few pictures with my phone but promised not to show them.  I sent the pictures to her and hopefully she will share them on her blog.   
Fabric store in North Florida
My daughter was thrilled when on our way home I spotted a billboard for another fabric store!

Book and ruler to make pineapple quilts
I ran in quickly just to check it out.  In addition to quilting fabric, they carry a wide assortment of books and supplies for related arts such as sashiko, beading, and painting.  I picked up a few Zentangle books as well as a quilt book and ruler.

Tell me I'm not the only one that has a quilt shop locator app on their phone and thinks every road trip requires a stop to the LQS in the area!


  1. I want the quilt shop locator app but haven't caved to it. Yes, I think every trip requires scouting out the LQS, too! In NH, Elsa yelled at me for going to the LQS and said, "Mom! You're supposed to take a break from quilting this week." I replied, "Yeah, but that doesn't mean I have to take a break from shopping! Totally different thing!" LOL. She didn't buy it. I have that pineapple book and ruler. Have been wanting to do something with it for a while. Haven't gotten started. Too many other projects going on. Maybe we can challenge each other with something!

  2. I could not find where to enter for your contest babscorbitt@gmail.com

  3. I had a great time...why don't we do this more often???? Hopefully, next trip we can hit up the other LQS and the cupcake shop ;-)

  4. Sounds like a fun fabric shopping field trip! Sorta like making your own shop hop. I like doing this too, but don't travel as much these days. I use the Around Me app on my fun because it works for all sorts of different shops (art supplies), pubs, and other necessities.

  5. Haha I just bet your daughter was thrilled. Sometimes when we go on a drive we may just encounter a fabric shop along the way. Sometimes I may just bribe my son with a fat quarter. i was surprised how much he seemed to enjoy picking out a piece of fabric.