Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's Up Wednesday:

It has been raining here 24/7 for many, many days thanks to Tropical Storm Debby.  Perfect weather for quilting....and napping!

I've been trying to focus more on the former rather than the latter.  Still quilting the humongous peace sign quilt and not loving anything about it.
Who's brilliant idea was it to piece the backing in two different solids right down the middle?

So glad the rain hasn't kept the mailman from doing his job.  I had to have the new KONA color card, and these fabrics (on sale) were still in my shopping cart from an earlier visit.

I found this new grand baby picture in my iPhoto library.  It is a rare photo of Leo taken with a real camera rather than a cell phone.  While his other grandma was holding him, I snapped a few (or 50) quick pics.  This was taken right before I had to leave.  Based on the pictures his parents send me, he has already grown so much!

Hope you find time to create today!


  1. Sewing is a great thing to do when it rains! Hope you grow to love your peace quilt!

  2. Leo is just beautiful!! I am looking forward to seeing your peace quilt. I think once you are done, it will bring you much "happiness" as in its name :-) !!

  3. Your grandson is growing. I know you are looking forward to seeing him soon. Hope you have a fun time at your retreat.

  4. Cute patootie baby! Your Juki sure looks right at home! I scored a new Kona color card at Market. A prized possession for sure!