Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teenage Moment

I did get the backing pieced for my Peace, Love and Happiness quilt and while laying it out on the floor I experienced this sense of deja vu.  My daughter asked who I was making this quilt for, and when I replied "for myself",  we had the same conversation as when I was working on the first Retreat quilt for myself.....guess she doesn't think it's appropriate for one to make quilts for themselves.

 I wanted to share that conversation with you but I made the mistake of asking my daughter to clarify a certain point and she told me in no uncertain terms that it was uncool to blog about that prefers that I not divulge the specifics.  Let's just say that my sweet daughter is having more "teenage moments" now that she has turned 13, and I make sure to point them out to her.  She likes to point out my "mom moments", and I tell her that is fine as long as she doesn't refer to them as "senior moments" ;-))))

Because basting is not my favorite quilting activity, I started a new project.....and I wonder why I never get any quilts finished ;-))  Actually, this quilt has been on my to-do list for a while now, so that's OK, right?

I still have several baby quilts to make and since I was on a roll with my PLH quilt I thought it would be fun to see how the peace pattern works using 2.5" squares instead of larger pinwheels.  

I am using a jelly roll of Malka's A Stitch in Color for the blocks and a green shot cotton for the background.  I haven't progressed much, but so far I am loving the smaller size!


  1. Of course you are allowed to make a quilt for yourself! It is a great feeling, because you never have to think "is he/she going to like it?"

    Use 505 for basting, it's no trouble at all!

  2. Yes it's totally okay to make something just for 'you'. I have 2 teenagers that have several 'teenager moments' so well know what you mean. They sometimes know just how and when to push my buttons.

  3. I hate basting, too. It's one reason I want a long arm....no more basting. Haha. Sometimes I think that's a stupid reason for wanting a long arm. Oh, yeah, and Elsa is already editing things I want to write online about her, too!

  4. I also have a thirteen year old and we are having the same conversations.... Thank God for my hubby who becomes the referee

  5. He he... I have 3 teenagers and one tweenie! Life is never dull around here thats for sure.
    And yes you are allowed to make a quilt for yourself!

  6. Ha...thirteen...what a wonderful age ;-) I can just picture the eye rolling. Another great trait she picked up from her aunt I'm sure! Can't wait to see the baby quilt (and baby)!!! Love to all!

  7. "Teenage" moments and "Mom" moments.....I remember them well. You'll find that "senior" moments are much more fun! Just imagine the fun you can have when it can be blamed on a "senior" moment.
    I love your quilt. Can't wait to make one for "ME".

  8. Yeah, it's good that you didn't share that conversation. :)

    I only had a teenage son, no daughter, and boys, at least mine, hardly divulge anything!