Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Up Wednesday: Distractions

I can't seem to stick with one project from start to finish without starting another!  There are so many quilts I want to make, it's hard for me to concentrate on just one at a time. 

So today I cut quite a few 3 inch squares for a baby quilt that needs to be ready for a March shower.  With my tendency to get distracted, I figured I better get started ;-)

The fabrics for this quilt are from several different lines.  There is a variety of Little Yellow Bicycle by Blend that is so super soft, Children at Play by Sarah Jane, Sherri Berry Designs and Riley Blake.  Thank goodness for selvages or I would never know the names ;-)

While I had my cutting area cleared, I went ahead and cut 2.5 inch squares and 1.5 inch squares to have on hand for other projects.

Some of the cutting was done the old-fashioned way and some was accomplished with my handy dandy Accuquilt Go!

 Another distraction for me lately has been this book that my husband recommended.  He describes it as the Harry Potter for grownups.  I don't know about that (HP is still one of my favorites, whereas my husband hasn't even read them), but I will say I can't but this series down.  I started the second book yesterday, but I told myself no reading for today.  Once I start, I can't stop.

Now I need to get stitching!


  1. I'll have to tell my husband about that book. He loves fantasy! I got a Go Baby for Christmas. I can't wait to break it open. I just haven't had time yet. I feel for you in the distraction department. I feel the same way!

  2. I've read it...little harsh and rough at times with language and "adult" situations...wish it didn't have that...but I kept reading it for the characters and plot!

    Your new baby quilt looks so fun and happy! Love that color combination. I have way too many things going at one time too!

    Bad us! Bad us! lol

  3. Oooo a baby quilt! It should be cute! I've read ALL of the books and I couldn't put it down.

  4. That entire series is Great! It was my summer reading; now I can't wait for the next one to be published. Happy reading!

  5. Cute fabrics, perfect for a baby quilt!

  6. can't wait to see the baby quilt! cute fabrics!

  7. Rene' - I can SO relate to this post. I am constantly distracted in my sewing room and am always finding something new and wonderful to work on. Your strategy of starting early is a good one! We appear to have the same reading habits too - once I start a book, not much of anything gets done around the house until I am done with the book. No sewing, no sleeping, no cleaning or cooking. Fortunately, I am a fast reader! Happy Weekend!!!