Friday, January 13, 2012

Sew & Tell Friday #51

My first official finish for 2012 is January's Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt  Cowboys & Cowgirls.

AAQI Cowboys & Cowgirls 8.75" by 10.25"

I am halfway to the $1,000 Promise goal (my page isn't updated yet) and wouldn't it be awesome to reach it by the end of 2012!

This large quilt top is ready to be quilted, but I don't think I'm ready to quilt something that size on  my new machine.

Once again I played around with FMQ designs in different sections of the quilt.  This barbed wire in the blue area is my favorite.  I left my good camera in Montana so these pictures aren't the best.

The colors in this picture are closer to reality.  I really like this yellow.  Other than the center cowboy and cowgirl, all the fabrics are Kaffe shot cottons and wovens.  

I love the Cowboys & Cowgirls fabrics so much that I included the selvage.  I discovered this fabric several years ago and purchased all that I could find quite a bit.  It's nice to put it to good use ;-)

Here's a picture of the back and the barbed wire on top.  The thread looks blue in this picture, but it is actually a dark gray.

I used my new Juki for the quilting, but the piecing was done on my featherweight.  I am so happy to finally spend some time with this jewel!  My hubby commented on the fact that I have more than one machine....not really sure what point he was trying to make ;-)

Max wasn't with us in Montana during the great photo shoot, but when I pulled out the camera this morning, he looked a little nervous.  He shouldn't have worried....the craziest thing I did was pull out some old cowboy boots!

It feels good to have a finish! 
There are many more finishes over at Amanda Jean's and Amy's...go see for yourself!

Happy Friday the 13th!!! 


  1. Oooh! I love your little quilt! The quilting in there is wonderful!

  2. Darling! I love all of those stitches. Too those all came with your Juki or you just winged them as you went along?

  3. Oh, I love it!! What a great way to start the year in quilting :) You are so creative with your the barbed wire. What a fun mini quilt!

  4. That is adorable! Beautiful job on the whole project. Congrats on your first finish in 2012 -- and bless you for helping such a wonderful cause! :o)

  5. Okay, maybe I have lived in the country too long, but I totally thought, "barbed wire" before I even read it. Great idea! Your FMQ is looking awesome. Now you have got me wishing that my featherweight was up and running. Of course the weather has us home with no way to get it in for repair!

  6. I love the Coyboys makes me think of my grandfather very nice work.

  7. I love what you did with your cowboy and cowgirl fabric. I am glad to read that you are enjoying your new machines. I agree, Max looks a little nervous.

  8. I LOVE that miniature quilt! I have some of that fabric, too. But I think mine is all blues and pinks. I have had it for years and cannot bring myself to cut into it. I just LOVE the barbed wire quilting, and the quilting in the yellow looks like cactus needles. Love that, too. How very clever. Is this one being auctioned off? If so where and when?

    I just told Michelle on her blog that your Christmas card was like a "Happy" for me. Thank you so much!

  9. Love the Cowboys & Cowgirls quilt. The barbed wire quilting is so appropriate. It brings back many memories of holding the barbed wire apart so we could go traipsing through fields hunting for mushrooms and garden fertiliser with my Nan. The fertiliser was much easier to locate and there was always so much more of it (lol).